sidney lumet.pngWhile traveling this week I noticed a headline yesterday – “US Filmmaking Great Sidney Lumet dies in NY at 86.”

86 is quite the number for a legendary Hollywood film director.

That's because 8+6 = 14, the Media Number.

Break down 86 and you get 8, the number of leadership and strength, and 6 symbolizing family and emotional connections.

As Steven Spielberg stated yesterday, ‘Sidney Lumet was one of the greatest directors in the long history of film. Compelling stories and unforgettable performances were his strong suit.'

Amazingly, 14 of Lumet's films were nominated for Oscars.

Plus, ‘Sidney Lumet' adds up to 41/5 in the ancient Chaldean system used for current names.

14 and 41 are reverse mirrors – a very strong magnetism. Both reduce to the root number 5,
symbolizing adventure, risk and crowds of people.

Lumet's other important birth numbers were activated as well on the day of his passing.

He was born on a 25/7 Day. He died in a 16/7 Personal Year.

7 shows his wisdom, intelligence and intensity. In fact, though this number loves to learn, 7's much prefer to Not be told what to do – they like doing things on their own terms.

Lumet's Life Purpose Number is 29/11, a highly creative frequency.

29/11 reduces to 2 – so he was always expressing his creativity in relationship to something or someone.

Again, this number was activated – twice.

Lumet passed away in a 20/2 Personal Month. Amazingly,  the day of hos death was a 29/11 Personal Day for Sidney Lumet.

So the numbers activated on April 9 all show the same thing – Sidney Lumet fulfilled his Life Purpose. He tapped into his genius and created some of the most  memorable movies ever. Including ‘Network', ‘Dog Day Afternoon' and ‘The Verdict.'

And with his highly fortunate current name ‘Sidney Lumet', he was completely supported all life long.

May he rest in peace.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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