schiff-685x250_2On our drive home from Disney Hall in downtown L.A. last night, my family and I marveled at the bright nearly full moon hovering in the late evening sky.

We had just been treated to the most sublime, spiritual experience – an evening of Bach’s music.

The great Hungarian pianist, Andras Schiff, performed ALL six of Bach’s Partitas for nearly three hours – a feat that very, very few of the highest caliber professional concert pianists ever attempt. This was some of the greatest music for keyboard brought to life by one of the greatest living artists.

What made it so special was Schiff’s complete and utter devotion to the music.

Schiff is a sage on stage. He walks on in deep meditation and remains there for the duration of the concert. He alchemizes the sound of the keyboard by tapping into a never-ending well of sublime clarity and beauty. This was not just a great concert pianist, but a spiritual master.

If you ever get a chance to hear Andras Schiff perform live – go.

Great music starts where words become inadequate…

Now on to tomorrow’s Full Moon Eclipse!

This Aries Lunar Eclipse occurs in the early hours of October 19, Universal Time and October 18 in the Americas.

The Sun and Moon will be at 25 degrees – which adds up to 7.

Why is this important? Because October is also a 7 Universal Month.

Aries Full Moon EclipseFor those of us who live in the Americas, the exact time of this eclipse occurs on 10.18.2013. Add up all the single digits for this date and the total is 16- and 16 adds up to 7!

  1. October is a 7 Universal Month.
  2. The Aries Lunar Eclipse occurs while Sun and Moon are at 25/7 degrees.
  3. In the Americas, October 18, 2013 adds up to a 16/7 Universal Date.

Number 7 wants you to look WITHIN.

There are many wonderful ways to fire up your intuition:

— Take an inspiring book and open it up – the message will be an important one for you.

— Invest in a course or class that raises your awareness.

— Walk out in nature and commune with beauty.

— Play gorgeous music to ignite your heart center.

Always remember that critical thinking is favored under the 7 influence. Right now it is very important that you hold up everything and everyone to intense scrutiny.

This does not mean at all that you are judging them.

It only means that you accept nothing at face value!

Don’t take someone else’s word for it. Investigate! Facts are only the beginning. And it is most important that you always consider ALL the facts. This is what the number 7 is so good at helping us with – trusting and listening to our laser-like insights.

Inspiration thrives when you dig deeply. And problem solving is a very important skill.

Schools teach children to memorize, but it is only in solving challenges, in holding up your line of thinking to intense scrutiny, that you get CLARITY.

Knowledge and wisdom, keywords of the number 7, are come by when you analyze critically.

If you don’t want to hear the other side – for example, when a child’s teacher does not allow disagreements to be aired – then your natural energy gets stuck because there is a blockage to your creativity.

Creativity is moment-too-moment engagement with life.

Prosperity is moment-to-moment conscious creation.

Choose this Aries Full Moon Eclipse to create with fiery passion and joyous intention!

Dedicated to Your Abundance,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Abundance is attracted to clarity. Clear, passionate intention is your magic key to prosperity. But first you must get clear on your shadow-issues and activate the personal remedies unique to your numerology code. All is revealed in your Abundance Blueprint.

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