A wonderful Solar ECLIPSE in Cancer blesses us with Fortune, positive Momentum, exquisite Intimacy and spiritual Transformation. Highlighted by TWO Grand Trines this eclipse creates many blessings, expansion, bliss and happiness.

A double Grand Trine is an amazing sign of celebration!

Jupiter and Neptune form a magnificent trine most of the year which is creating a spiritual awakening across the globe – setting us free to choose our unique journey of Happiness.

So it is a trine of many blessings…

The first Grand Trine is created by the Sun/Moon, Jupiter and Neptune in the three Water signs  – the second by Venus, Saturn and Uranus in the three Earth signs – the result is a particularly creative, happy, stable, exciting and loving eclipse experience!

  • Your imagination flows
  • Abundance grows
  • Divine Wisdom is easily accessible
  • You just feel really, really good!

We always want to balance the harmony with a little tension – to fuel our desire to ACT and leverage the goodness that's coming through.

In this case the tension is created by Pluto opposite the Sun and Moon.

Pluto unlocks our core feelings, encouraging an emotional PURGING, a cleansing at a Soul-level, a RELEASE that ultimately EMPOWERS, and brings on a major transformationthat will impact your life in a big way.

Pluto is in Capricorn, the sign opposite to Cancer, ruling responsibility and work.

So both your professional (Capricorn) and personal (Cancer) life are affected by this powerful eclipse.

The sign of Cancer encourages coming home to yourself, trusting yourself, being comfortable in your own skin, family connection, integrating your past, sharing your heart, internal security, comfort, beautifying the place you live…

Cancer is ruled by Moon – and governs “I FEEL.”

The moon symbolizes the Mother principle – empathy, compassion, nurturing, warmth, and comfort. Feelings flow through you in a fluid, natural, easy way.

With the Sun and Moon at 20° Cancer, you feel more sensitive, as you seek harmony, balance and peace.

Any NEW MOON solar eclipse refuels you, planting new seeds… as you lay new foundation, you reach outward and your vitality increases.

Be amazed at the incredible gifts we are about to receive!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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