You may have noticed yesterday that Gabrielle Douglas won the coveted Women's Gymnastics All-Around Olympic Gold with a bib number of 411.

Her closest rival, Russian gymnast Viktoria Komova was 
wearing 403.

Both gymnasts are evenly matched and beautiful to watch.

So the numbers on their leotards added extra importance.

The scales were tipped for Douglas last night, and she became 
the first African American and the first woman of color to 
ever to win this coveted All-Around title.

Here's how the numbers influenced each gymnast:

Komova's 403 adds up to 7, a number bringing both focus and unexpected lightning-quick developments. Paired next to 
Douglas' 411 though it did not give Komova the edge.

Douglas attracted a 411 into her life during these Olympic 
Games. It is the PERFECT number for her and she was able to convert its influence into Gold on the day it mattered most.

For Gabrielle number 6 carries huge significance:

1. Gabrielle Douglas has a 15/6 Destiny Number

2. Gabrielle Douglas is currently experiencing a 15/6 
Personal Year

15 is the number of the Spiritual Alchemist who uplifts others with Joy.

Her bib, 4+1+1 = 6, is the number for Love and Abundance.

Gabrielle exudes love, happiness and has that magical sparkle in her eyes. These are all indicative of the numbers 15 and 6. She was blessed by her current cycles, her bib number and in turn blessed us with her spirit and smile.

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