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The symbolism of the mystery
missile caught on tape by newscasters on Monday evening off of the coast of Los
Angeles, is intriguing.


Video showed a billowing contrail
apparently rising from the water about 35 miles west of Los Angeles and north
of Catalina Island. It still is not clear whether it comes from land or sea.


Media reports are conflicted about
what onlookers saw that early evening off the coast of the Pacific ocean.


Ordinarily a sea launch would
require several layers of notification to airmen and mariners and closure of
air space in the area. A commercial missile launch would require similar steps.


None of these steps were taken –
so the incident is still a total mystery.


I believe the missile was fired in
retaliation of an earlier incident that morning related to the U.S. Carnival
Cruise ship ‘Splendor' off the coast of Mexico.


incidents occurred on November 8, 2010.


2. The
missile was fired 35 miles off the coast of California – 35 reduces to 8


3. The
Universal Date of 11.8. 2010 adds up to 13/4.


4. The Carnival Splendor was 130
miles off of the coast of Mexico. 130 is directly related to 13/4.



Of interest too is that the
incidents occurred while President Obama was out of country in India. Also, the
 location  of the incident in the Pacific is interesting, especially
right before today's big G20 summit in Korea.


Here is another clue – revealed
in the name ship's name ‘Splendor'.


I decided to look at the
Lexigrams in ‘SPLENDOR'.  Lexigrams
are phrases that are created from anagrams.  Anagrams are words created from the letters of a name.


Here are some lexigrams I found








I work with symbols. The
symbolism of this incident reminds me again that we have entered a powerful
period in time.


In fact, it is is an amazing
time to be alive.


When change is in the air,
inner change is made so much easier. You are truly confronted with your
personal issues during times like this. This means, it is so much easier to
transform because you can SEE more clearly what needs changing.


So, instead of reacting to future
news events as they unfold, take each story as a sign to look within and clear away
your inner cobwebs.


Remember, letting go of the
past is a process, so be patient with yourself. You are wonderful, strong,
powerful and wise. You have all you the resources you need within you.


Listen to your intuition. Know
by knowing. Take your first feelings seriously.


Remember about frequency.
Colors, sound, symbols – Numbers. Pay attention to your numerological cycles. Pay
attention to your name


You WILL thrive like never


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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