Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 10.29.36 AMIn Cairo, Egypt today a military coup is allegedly taking place right now. The country is in chaos.

During our 13/4 Universal Month where the 4 and 8 ‘karmic’ numerology code is activated throughout July – intense transformation is to be expected.

Watch the incredible code unfold in my July Forecast.

You may have already felt it! I’ve definitely witnessed and experienced personal breakthroughs, and it’s only July 3…

The key is to break through as opposed to break down.

Breakthroughs result from reflection and inspired action. All month long you will be asked in some capacity to re-evaluate past approaches. The idea during July’s 13/4 activation in our 13th year of our century, is to change.

13 brings sudden change.

4 brings step-by-step change.

Both tempi will be felt. You’ll notice the fast, sudden events (as in Egypt today) in your life as well as the slower process, where an inner shift emerges naturally and calmly.

Either way, the effect is transformative

Note that July’s 13 Universal Month is emerging exactly at the midpoint of 2013 – literally creating a pivot point halfway through the year.

To help you stay calm, here are the qualities embedded in the current numerology code – at your fingertips:

Express your creativity in a balanced, grounded way.

Creating anything – your day, this moment, a project, a loving relationship – is the most empowering and healing gift you have. And now you have more opportunity than ever to create your own reality.

Clean and organize your office and home.

4 cycles are much more challenging when you live in a scattered environment.

Pay attention to the fine print.

Little details will demand a closer look. Pay attention to them, and you can relax.

Make a plan.

You have more discipline at your disposal now. Use it to manifest prosperity, relationship and health & wellness goals.

If you take care, remain calm and are responsible, July will undoubtedly be a breakthrough month for you!

To help you shift your life, be sure you know your Personal Shift Number. Being aware and awake is the fastest (and most fun) activation of an abundant lifestyle!

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Happy Independence Day!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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