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Yesterday it was announced that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is
battling another health issue and has stepped aside for another medical leave.


It is the third time since 2004 and the second time in two
years, that Jobs has taken a leave of absence. But this time Jobs gave no
indication of his return.


This comes at the most successful time in Apple's history, with
the iPad breaking all sales records.


Makes perfect sense when it comes to Apple's numbers. Apple
is finishing an 8 Personal Year – Overcoming Obstacles and Creating Wealth and
Power. Not only that, Apple's Destiny number is 62/8. So it's a great time for
the company to succeed at the highest level.


Steve Jobs and Apple have an amazing numbers' story, which I
have written about previously.


Today I want to focus on Steve Jobs.


In January, 2011 Jobs is experiencing a 12/3 Personal Month.
It is a preview of his 12 Personal Year which begins in earnest for him in
February, the month of his birth.


12/3 cycles ask you to take some kind of sabbatical. It is a
time for meditation and relaxation. The point is to connect to God-Mind – to observe
your life from a state of serenity and calmness. It is a time of acquiring deep
knowledge from within.


So it makes perfect sense for Steve Jobs, who has had
pancreatic cancer and a liver transplant, to take this time off and regroup. To
reconnect deeply with his soul.


Spending quality time in nature is a very good thing to do
during any 12/3 Personal Month or Year.


So, I along with many Apple fans, wish him the best as he
takes this necessary time off to attend to his health.


May he come back stronger and more creative than ever.


Make no mistake, 2011 is a momentous time for us all. It is
more important than ever to understand the meaning of your Personal Year and
next 12 Months – so you can live a full and happy life, no matter what is
happening around you.


Your Next 12 Months' Blueprint will help you do just that.


There is nothing as important as having
peace of mind.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. ‘Your Next 12 Months‘ Blueprint
gives you the tools to be present moment by moment for the next year. Be sure
you have yours handy. Your blueprint will help you to create success now and in
your future.

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