Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 3.09.09 PMEarly on June 21 the Sun moves into Cancer and summer begins in the northern hemisphere, winter in the southern hemisphere.

Since June is a 3 Universal Month in a 6 Universal Year your feelings are really being activated anyways right now. That’s because 3 and 6 lie in the “emotional, self expression” triad of numerology.

This year, the solstice event on June 21 happens to magnify that triad!

Here is more on the profound 3-6-9 code activated on June 21 at the exact time of the solstice:

6.21.2013 adds up to 15/6.

21 reduces to 3.

The Sun moves into Cancer at 5:04 am Universal Time – which adds up to 9.

June is a 3 Universal Month.

2013 is a 6 Universal Year.

Keep in mind that 21 is the number of our current 21st century.

21 symbolizes victory after many challenges. In ancient Egyptian numerology 21 represents ‘The Truth shall set you free’.

As a whole, June’s 3 Universal Month energy is a very important milestone for all of us.

Especially when it comes to acknowledging and expressing your true, authentic feelings. Even when you are doing so under challenging circumstances.

On Friday, June 21 in particular, with the Sun moving into the emotional sign Cancer and the numbers’ code triggered in all our heart centers, you may find yourself addressing feelings in a deep, profound way.

This connection with your heart is also reflected in the amazing astrological “water” energy which is increasing all summer long and gets triggered by the Sun entering Cancer, a water sign.

Water expands your intuition, feelings and spiritual connections just like the 3-6-9 code does.

21/3 is ALSO a fun, social, highly creative and expressive number.

Acknowledge your emotions. Release them. Deep healing with friends, colleagues, teachers, students and your family can occur now.

There are SO many great opportunities in June to take the momentum and breakthroughs generated during the last two months. Acknowledge love everywhere in your life and you will awaken the jewels of joy around you.

Joy and passion blend into a magnificent abundance attraction tool!

In other words, focus on what you love to do, express the joy in your heart and abundance will naturally flow for you.

Much Love and Happy Solstice!

Tania Gabrielle

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