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On Saturday a top U.S. long
distance swimmer, Fran Crippen, died while swimming the last leg of the
Marathon Swimming World Cup in the United Arab Emirates.


The winner of the race on
Saturday, German swimmer Jan Wolfgarten, said that the swimmers were not
monitored properly. Several swimmers ended up in the hospital while racing in
brutal conditions of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit with water temperatures near
90 degrees.


Unfortunately, the numbers for
Crippen this month happen to be especially challenging.


Crippen was born on the 17th,
indicating he was to leave some legacy behind. 17/8 is the ‘Immortality'


Fran's Life Purpose was 34/7 and
his Destiny Number was 79/16/7.


This Double 7 frequency is very
significant. In fact, the Double 7 explains why Crippen picked the lonely sport
of long-distance swimming. 7 is the number of doing things alone. Team sports
are harder for people who have prominent 7s in their birth blueprint.


7 represents the lightning strike
of intuition and wisdom. It also indicates sudden events throughout Crippen's


Since his Destiny Number reduces
to 16/7, Crippen was bound to go to the highest levels in his career. At the
same time, 16 indicates a sudden fall from a high place.


Notice that the most famous
swimmer, Michael Phelps, has a 88/16/7 Destiny. The 88 indicates his
unbelievable strength and ability to overcome obstacles. At the same time the
16/7 that 88 reduces to explains how Phelps ‘fell from a high place' for a few
months after the 2008 Olympics when his marijuana use was made public.


For Crippen, who had TWO major
7's, the month of October was especially confronting.


That's because October 2010 was a
16/7 Personal Month for Crippen – thus activating his two important Birth
Numbers. Any time you are in a 7 Personal Cycle you are asked to tune into your
intuition more than any other time. If you don't, then sudden events are
generated to awaken that intuition in you.


Crippen had one other major


His name ‘Fran Crippen' adds up to
12/3 – the Victim Number.


On Saturday he fell victim to
incredibly hot weather conditions. With a 12/3 current name, he was not
supported as much as he could have been.


The frequency your name resonates
to is a very important number. When your name is not fortunate, you can still
reach your goals – but the road is far more arduous than for someone who has a
fortunate name.


Stay protected and supported. Be
sure you and your loved ones have a fortunate current name.


Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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