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Numbers for Prince William and Kate Middleton

Kate & William.png

With the big Royal Wedding on
Friday, the final day of my Prosperity Power seminar, I want to get this
newsletter out to you today.


Of course, unless you are a
hermit, you know that Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married on
Friday, April 29, 2011. You may notice immediately that 29 is an 11 Day in the
11th year of the century.


Let's look more closely at William
and Kate's compatibility by the numbers.


Prince William and Kate Middleton
share three out of six numbers – a great indication of a deep and lasting bond.


Their six individual categories
show both harmony and conflict. Like many couples they have their ups and downs.
However, with 3 out of six numbers shared, Kate and William have a good
opportunity to find a way to mend their occasional differences.


One major sticking point is the
conflict between their Destiny Numbers.


This means the topic of career
could be a major source of disagreement between them.


One or both of them may feel a
lack of support from the other. With a 6 Destiny, Kate approaches her work with
passion and a lot of heart. She is emotionally invested in her career and loves
taking on responsibility by helping others.


Prince William, on the other hand,
likes the adventure and is intellectually fascinated by what he does – but not
necessarily emotionally invested in his work.


This means, it will be harder for
Kate to leave work behind than it might be for William, who does not mind change.
For Kate Middleton, her emotional identity is tied to her career – so leaving her
creative work behind could cause challenges for her. Especially if she does not
feel supported.


Interestingly, ALL three of Kate
and William's shared numbers are in the 3-6-9 emotional triad. This means their
bond Feels strong.


Also, Kate's birth numbers
indicate she will absolutely love being a mother.


William and Kate are marrying on April 29, an 11 Universal


How fitting – as this day symbolizes the 11th
year of the century we are all experiencing right now.


11 also reduces to 2 – the frequency of relationships and
cooperation in a spirit of peace.


The 29 Universal Day on Friday can
indicate possible trust issues in the future.


Number 29 is reinforced twice,
since Prince William and Kate Middleton are marrying in 2011 when both of them turn
29/11 years old. So, both Kate and William will be activating a personal 11 at
the same time on an 11 Universal Day in the 11th year of the

This symbolizes Double New
Beginnings for them and the whole Royal Family.


Finally, the Universal Date for
4.29.2011 is 19/10 which reduces to 1. Another New Beginning.


When one number shows up
several times in an event and the people who inspire that event, it carries a very
strong message. When this number also coincides with the universal dates, the
effect is even stronger.


The 1 and 11's signify a major shift
happening on Earth this year. The announcement of Kate and William's wedding
even fell during November, 2010 – the 11th month of the year. It is
as if the symbolic forces of release, change and new beginnings are permeating
every part of this wedding.


May Kate and William live a
happy, peaceful life together.


Prepare for YOUR big shift this
year by knowing your most fortunate Personal Days every month. These special
days are listed in ‘Your Next 12 Months' report – an invaluable tool to help
you navigate your life all year long.


Go see your fortunate days and your month-to-month personal forecast now.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

How Number 11 Affects Tomorrow’s Full Moon


The last time this happened was 18
years ago.


And, for the first time again,
until the year 2016, the full moon will occur less than one hour apart from the
exact time the moon makes its closest approach to the Earth – called the


A rare phenomenon happening a few
hours before the Spring Equinox.


This means that the Syzygy – where
the sun, moon and Earth line up – and the Perigee, occur at the SAME time right
at the onset of Spring. What powerful symbolism that is.


So, this coming week will be
especially potent.


Equally important are the numbers
for this particular astronomical event.


I looked at the Universal Time for
both the Perigee and Syzygy, which occur within less than an hour of each other
on March 19. I was stunned at what I found.


Tomorrow's full moon is exact at
18:11 pm UTC.


Tomorrow's Perigee – moon closest
to Earth – occurs at 19.10 pm UTC.


What do both times add up to? The
number 11.


Add all the single digits in 18:11.
Do the same for 19:10. Both times your sum will be 11.


Of course, Japan's devastating
earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster were all triggered on March 11, 2011.


11 symbolizes a contradiction.
Creating a state of balance out of division.


When an earthquake fissure is
triggered, it releases stress – and creates a balance of energy. This is the
ebb and flow of life. Without change, we would not be alive.


The fact that this same number 11
is repeating in a rare astronomical event this weekend, heightens its effect. Again,
this kind of Perigee/Syzygy has not occurred in 18 years and will not happen
again until 2016.


With the onset of Spring just
hours later, we have a powerful convergence of frequencies.


Spring symbolizes renewal.


What an incredible opportunity to
renew yourself by releasing unresolved issues. Ask yourself, ‘How do I
truthfully feel about my life?'


Accept your inner Knowing. Trust it.


precedes all experience. Take this moment in time to create your reality
consciously and joyously.


Much is being shaken up with
these numbers. Change is inevitable, especially now, so don't resist it. Take a
deep breath and look at each event head-on. Accepting the truth transforms each
moment into an opportunity.


That is how to remain balanced
– the lesson of the 11. Accept change as a constant in your life, bend with it,
welcome it – and you flourish like the beautiful flowers of Spring.


Acceptance is the first step
towards creating success.


This is one of the secrets of
living. What you look at will BE. In BEING, it has LIVED. In having LIVED it
has resolved.


Look and you shall see. Turn
away and you will stagnate.


Ignoring what IS, denying what
IS will actually create what you are trying to deny. Accepting what is and
dealing with it head-on changes everything, because you are moving through it.


Move through the 11 gateway.
Keep moving, even if you would rather resist.


What you refuse to see will
just grow stronger. What you accept will dissipate, transmute and allow you to
step into freedom.


Our greatest fear when it comes
to change is that we loose control. Yet the opposite is true. Once you accept
what is true, you are given the strength to change it. If you deny it, you have
given your inner strength away.


Merge as One with your soul and
move through the 11 gateway.


In 2011 we are all on the fast
track towards freedom. Freedom from fear and freedom from guilt.


To help you ‘move', take daily
walks if you can. Breathe in the beauty around you. Smile. Make your whole day
a meditation.


Just as the Earth is going
through major changes at a fast-paced rate, just as people everywhere are
joining together to stand up against control and tyranny, so YOU are being
given this opportunity to walk through the 11 gateway.


Bless everyone and every
experience that comes your way. Claim each experience and make it your own. Allow
nothing and no one to control you.


As you walk through the two 1
pillars, you reunite with your soul.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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The Power of Truth and Love

In this time of crisis for Japan
and her people, let us focus on the healing power of Love.


Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we have
here. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and 
acceptance of love back into our hearts.'

– Marianne Williamson: Spiritual author and speaker


is a fine line between taking steps to ensure your safety and living in a state
of fear.


as there is a fine line between transforming your life by accepting the truth –
and ignoring the truth and creating more suffering.


can be uncomfortable. That discomfort comes from ignorance. Yet, if you don't
ignore truth, it will uplift you and enable you to take positive action. Then
truth is truly an inspiration. The road to Love is paved by Truth. That is why
the Truth shall set you free.


it amazing then, that the words TRUTH and LOVE both resonate to the number 21
in the ancient Chaldean system.


21 means
Victory after a long struggle, after many tests of determination. 21 is a
highly fortunate number.


in Ancient Egyptian numerology, the number 21 symbolizes ‘The Truth Shall Set
You Free.' Everyone born on the 21st, in 1921 or in 1963 has this
number active in their life.


us to walk through the gateway of Truth, we must keep the balance. That is why
2011 is such an important year. The 11 is the visible gateway we walk through
into the unknown.


is on the other side – Truth, Freedom and Love.


In order to digest the information
coming out of Japan, you must do what you can to keep balanced. Do whatever you
need to do – and that means, get active. Be creative.


Whether you know someone in Japan
or not, you may be affected by the nuclear disaster which is unfolding there
right now. I have a family member who is currently trying to leave the country.
The winds are changing direction, and radiation is the biggest concern right


On Sunday I wrote about the
numbers that were activated the day of the earthquake and tsunami. 


It occurred on 3.11.2011,
activating a Double 11.


11 paints a literal division or
fissure of an earthquake fault. 11 represents electrical energy – the very
energy generated by nuclear power.


As we saw with the words ‘Truth'
and ‘Love', the meaning behind words and names is expressed in the numbers that
they add up to. 


‘NUCLEAR' adds up to 29/11 in the
Pythagorean system, and 25/7 in the Chaldean system.


7 and 11 were active on the day of
the earthquake and tsunami.


Since numbers are strengthened
when they are triggered by current events with the same number, it must be
noted again that:


March is a 7 Universal Month.


The name ‘Japan' is a 16/7 name.


We are also in a 4 Universal Year.
4 is the number of planet Earth.


Japan is an island that sits on
top of 4 tectonic plates.


With these three numbers 4, 7 and
11 ALL active this month – including an emphasis on the 11 on the day the
earthquake struck – we have not only a physical and emotional picture of the
current crisis, but are also given a spiritual SOLUTION.


Every problem comes with a
solution. It is the natural law of Balance.


11 asks you to walk through the
gateway of truth without ignorance and fear in order to accept the tremendous
wisdom within you. Double creativity and intuition are heightened for you all
year long to keep you in Balance.


7, the number for March this year,
is prompting you to look within for answers, sometimes at a moments notice. The
7 is a lightning rod of inspiration and wisdom.


4 asks you to ACT. You must
manifest your intuitive insights, so that you can ground yourself in this
physical reality. 4 is the number of planet Earth. It symbolizes a square.


Look at the foundation of life –
DNA. It is made up of 4 nucleotides. I will be teaching about the significance
of DNA and how it impacts your life at my ‘Prosperity Power' Seminar in April.
This information in itself will be life transforming.


Trust yourself and ACT on the
truth as you discover it from moment to moment.


Balance your life with laughter
and love. Get creative about it, when you need to.


Without happiness, living turns
into surviving.


With truth and love, your life has
the most beautiful meaning – and you remain balanced and happy even in the most
trying times.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S.  April's ‘Prosperity Power' Seminar is filling up fast. My
special guest, hand analyst Baeth Davis and I are planning an incredibly
empowering event for you. This seminar will never be repeated again.

Crisis in Japan

Japan tsunami.png

you know, March 11th, 2011 was a terribly tragic day for Japan.


This disaster was beyond anyone's
imagination. Japan has only planned for earthquakes up to 7.9 magnitude. I
still can't fathom the incredible extent of the damage generated from the 8.9
earthquake and subsequent tsunami.


Japan is faced with a coastline
where houses are upon houses, where toxic debris is everywhere, where people
are stranded, where radioactive leaks are occurring, where extreme cold and a
non-existent infra-structure are hampering rescues – it is a disaster that you
can't even wrap your head around.


Meanwhile large aftershocks continue
and will continue for months and even years.


Japan is going through a


The horrific events unfolding in
Japan can be seen in this country's numbers and the Universal cycles we are ALL


2011 is indeed a time to wake up.


This month, the universal numbers
are 7, 4 and 11.


2011 is a 4 Universal Year.

It is the 11th Year of
the century.

March is a 7 Universal Month.


4 symbolizes physical
manifestation and the planet Earth.


In physical reality, 11 symbolizes
either balance or division. This number even LOOKS like a visible fault line,
as I explained in my video forecast for 2011.


7 symbolizes a lightning strike –
sudden, unforeseen events.


The earthquake occurred on March
11, 2011. So two 11s are activated on that date. They symbolize the fissure.


The biggest holiday in Japan is
celebrated on February 11.


The name ‘Japan' adds up to 16/7
in the ancient Chaldean system I use for current names.


Japan imperial seal.png

The Imperial Seal for Japan
contains 16/7 Petals.


The native name for Japan is
‘Nippon' – which adds up to 34/7.


Just these numbers alone show that
Japan is prone to unforeseen, sudden events that can bring the country to its
knees. 16/7 signifies ‘a person or entity with a crown on his or her head being
struck by lightning and falling from a high place.'


Important to note: the number 11
also symbolizes electricity – and thus ties into electricity generated by
nuclear power. Any person who has a major 11 in his or her Personal Numerology
Blueprint MUST exercise daily in order to transmute and release the electrical
and nervous energy in their bodies.


So, what concerns me about the
unfolding nuclear crisis is that the 11 is so pronounced, both in the birth
numbers for Japan and the double 11 date of the earthquake and tsunami.


There are three other numbers to
look at.


The earthquake struck at 2:46 pm
local time. 2+4+6 = 12.


japan nuclear power plant.png

Yesterday, March 12, an explosion
occurred at one of Japan's already damaged major nuclear reactors – and it was
yesterday that the nuclear meltdown story became number one for everyone.


12/3 is the ‘Victim' number. 3
carries the meaning of Perfection. The world must watch this situation closely.


The earthquake measured 8.9 on the
Richter scale according to the USGS – a number which adds up to 17/8. 17 is the Immortality number. No one would argue that the earthquake and tsunami will be
remembered forever.


Today it is reported that Japan's
Meterological Agency just upgraded the quake from 8.9 to 9.0.


3.11.2011 adds up to 9. Number 9,
the ‘King of Numbers' signifies culmination and endings.


The massive emotional and physical
trauma experienced in Japan is truly heartbreaking. It is imperative the rest
of the world remain strong, balanced, grounded and not succumb to fear. The
power within each one of us is the key to keeping life on Earth in balance.


I am only watching a minimum of
news coverage. Yes, it is important to stay informed – as long as you keep you
mind clear and your emotions balanced.


In 2011 – turn to others, and do
not isolate yourself. When you feel divided, look inside for answers and you
will know what you need to do to feel peace and calm. Do this with double
creativity and double courage.


My heart goes out to all who are
affected by the crisis unfolding in Japan.


May all of us envelop Japan and
its people with healing energy, courage, love and power. May the world come
together in a spirit of compassion and strength.

Let us focus on healing –
however the healing needs to happen.


With Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

A Powerful Name for Dani Johnson

Dani Johnson.png

I love happy stories. A couple
nights ago I watched one unfold on the show ‘Secret Millionaire'. A friend had
told me about it.


On the first episode, wealthy
business owner Dani Johnson went undercover for a week while secretly living on
welfare in Knoxville, Tennessee. She is supposed to give away part of her
wealth to several people who were helping to make their community a better


The show touched me deeply.


From Ellen and Helen's ‘Love Kitchen'
to the ‘Joy of Music' school – where kids are given the instruments and teachers
so they can excel and leave their poverty-stricken world – I was uplifted and
inspired by the power of love.


Dani Johnson is remarkable. She is
leaving a legacy behind. She created her empire from scratch and is giving back
to communities worldwide.


People who empower others to
succeed remind me of the quote:


‘By their Actions you shall know


How appropriate that her current
name, ‘Dani Johnson', resonates to a 17/8.


17/8 is the ‘Immortality' Number.
People with a 17 prominently placed in their birth blueprint will always leave
a legacy behind. Often they have to overcome major obstacles first. That is the
nature of the number 8. It gives you tremendous strength – yet that strength
must be used positively in order to reap the immense benefits.


How amazing to find out Dani's
episode was filmed while she experienced her 8 Personal Year – activating her
amazingly powerful 17 name.


Keep in mind that people born on a
4 or 8 Day – like the 26th or 13th – or have a 4 or 8
Life Purpose Number, should not use a current name that adds up to 4 or 8. Combining
more than one 4 or 8 with each other usually attracts fateful events.


Since Dani Johnson was born on the
2nd of March, 1966, she has a 30/3 Life Purpose and a 2 Day of Birth.
Without a 4 or 8 in her birthday, she benefits greatly from her 17/8 name.


And so does the world.


Dani just entered her 9 Personal
Year. During a 9 cycle you reap what you have sown the previous eight years.
She is culminating her 9-year cycle on a grand scale. And with her 3 Life Purpose
interacting with her 9 Year, she will be able to express her humanitarian
spirit on a grand scale.


Your numbers guide you constantly.


All you need to do is implement
them positively – and thrive.


Warmest Regards,



P.S. Begin manifesting
your personal numbers now. You have many options when it comes to discovering
your numerology.

John Galliano’s Double Numbers

John Galliano.png

John Galliano, Jennifer Aniston,
Nelson Mandela and First Lady Michelle Obama all have something in common.


A Double Number – which means the
same number is reflected in two important parts of their personal blueprint.
This phenomenon gives tremendous focus and drive.


Of course, the meaning and lesson
of the double number is much more emphasized as well.


John Galliano, for example, was
born on the 28th and has a 28/10/1 Life Purpose Number. The 10/1
that 28 reduces to gives Galliano tremendous drive, creativity and
manifestation powers.


However, with the 28 doubled up,
Galliano is dealing with frustrating contradictions.


On the one hand 28 gives great
promise, even genius-like talents, with the possibility of great success.


Yet often this number results
in trusting the wrong people. Even a single 28 can attract powerful opposition
in all parts of life, from both colleagues and enemies. There is a risk of
serious loss in courts of law. Double the 28 and you double both the positive
and negative tendencies.


To balance the number 28, always
use self discipline and caution.


That was obviously not the case
with John Galliano, when he made his recent remarks about Hitler. Remarks which
got him fired as head designer for Christian Dior.


Interestingly, many high achievers
have double numbers, because the intensification brings on a tremendous focus
and determination.


Jennifer Aniston.png

So it goes with Jennifer Aniston.


Aniston is born on the 11th,
and her full birth day adds up to a 29/11 Life Purpose. The actress has
benefited greatly from the magnetic presence and leadership quality this number
carries. After all, the double 1 in 11 means double creativity, double
confidence  -though often 11's are
quite self conscious initially – and double inspiration as well as independence.


At the same time, 11's need to
learn about inner and outer division. They grapple with the feeling of
incompletion and separation. Compromise and balance are the key to achieving peace
of mind.


For Aniston the issue of feeling
complete or incomplete in partnership has been paramount – a key element of the
11, which reduces to 2.


Michelle Obama.png

Michelle Obama was born on the 17th
and has a 17/8 current name. Interestingly ‘Barack Obama' is also a 17/8
current name.


Both of them were born on 4 or 8
Days – President Obama on the 4th and First Lady Michelle Obama on
the 17th, an 8 Day. When you mix a 4 or 8 Birth number with a 4 or 8
current name, your life takes on a destined and fateful quality.


With the double number 17,
Michelle Obama carries the meaning of ‘Immortality.' 17 always leaves some kind
of legacy behind, whether in a community, local, national or international


When Samuel Clemens changed his
name to ‘Mark Twain', he took on the 17/8 frequency. His books attest to the
immortality that a 17 name can bring.


Nelson Mandela.png

Nelson Mandela was born on the 18th
and has a 99/18/9 Destiny Number.


9 signifies humanitarian
leadership, compassion, wisdom and service. The image of the number 9 has a
‘big head'.


Number 18 carries the power and
leadership of the 9, but also has challenges, particularly concerning martyrdom
and strife. With a double 18, that possibility is even more pronounced. The
actual conflict can arise within the family, or in Mandela's case – a
revolution within a country. Meditation and calm is key for this number.


Just recently the 18 played out on
the world stage. Egypt was born on an 18 Day, and is currently in an 18/9
Personal Year right now. Egypt's uprising lasted 18 days.


Joe Biden also carries a double
number. In fact, it ties into his current position.


Biden was born on the 20th
and has a 20 Life Purpose. 20 reduces to 2, the number of diplomacy. As Vice
President, he is visibly expressing the number 2, as the second in line
to the Presidency.


If you have a double number
reflected in one of your important birth blueprint categories, pay particular
attention to the meaning.

The important categories are – your Life Purpose, Destiny, Day of Birth and your current name. All described in great detail in your Personal Numerology Blueprint. Your 30+ page report still includes the ‘Is My Name Fortunate?' report – my gift to you.

Discover your Life Purpose and Destiny, and KNOW that your current name supports you and your goals.


Warmest Regards,


Your Forecast for March 2011

We have arrived at the month of
spiritual empowerment. Of gaining incredible, life-enhancing insights.


March brings together a profound
mix of numbers.


7 and 4 and 11.


What specifically do you need to
pay attention to this month? Where will the cues and clues come from?


Go watch my short video forecast
for these answers and a lot more.

Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

Are Predictions Dangerous?

Prediction 2011.png

I often get asked about


Of course ‘knowing' for sure
what exactly will happen to you is an age-old wish. But, what if we all really
‘knew' our future. Would we live our life to the fullest? Would we rise to the
heights we are all capable of reaching?


Predictions are set in stone.
They take away mystery. They remove YOU from the equation.


Forecasts serve a different
purpose. A forecast reveals themes for your coming months and years. A good forecast
includes specifically tailored tools to help you navigate your life to the best
of your ability.


YOU are put into the drivers
seat – not the other way around.


Recently I wrote about Christina
Aguilera's current name, after she forgot the lyrics to part of the national
anthem at this year's Super Bowl.


Aguilera's difficult name number
will influence her life as long as she uses this spelling.


Current names are a kind of
mini-forecast. Your name reveals a trend in your life that is repeated over and
over again.


Since the Super Bowl, Christina
Aguilera has experienced more frustrations. On Monday she was arrested for
public drunkenness. At the Grammy Awards, Christina nearly fell off the stage
at the end of a medley dedicated to Aretha Franklin.


Same goes for Charlie Sheen's
name and so many other people in the news whose names I have talked about over
the years.


Of course, names are just one
part of the forecast equation.


A good forecast confirms what
you already ‘know' on some level. It identifies all current personal and
professional trends and gives you the confidence and balance to succeed.


When psychics or intuitives predict
specifically what is going to happen in your future, they only ‘see' One or Two
possible timelines. In reality there are many timelines connected to each and
every choice you make. This is what makes life so fascinating.


Predictions can even be


A person may seek to fulfill
the prediction, consciously or subconsciously, to the point of ignoring other
options and opportunities that emerge along the way. This can cause a lot of
second-guessing, because – you are not in control, the prediction is.


So predictions are very
powerful, because they can replace your own intuition. In essence they are a form
of mind control.


Nothing is written in stone.
Even understanding your past changes over time.


Listen and weigh any prediction


Especially in 2011.


This year we're all being
prompted to LISTEN to our Intuition, BALANCE our Mind and MANIFEST our goals. 20
and 11 form a perfect balance – 2 and 2. Balance everything you hear this year.
Leave no stone unturned.


You ARE supported in all you do
in 2011. So have no fear to explore and go for it.


The whole point of advisors and
counselors – in any modality – is to identify your points of resistance and give
you the tools for a happy, successful life. Not to make you dependent and take
away your power.


Here is to your happiness in 2011 and beyond.


Warmest Regards,



P.S. Take
advantage of your current cycles by attracting and creating better opportunities

Oscars Ruled by ‘The King’s Speech’

king's speech.png

It was no surprise to hear this
morning that British film “The King's Speech' swept the top Oscar categories,
winning best picture, best actor, best director and best original screenplay.


‘The Social Network' was the only film that could even come
close to challenging ‘The King's Speech', and there's a big clue why this did
not happen.


Look at the name frequencies for
these two movies side by side.


‘The King's Speech' adds up to
21/3 in the ancient Chaldean system I use for current names.


21 names make wonderful titles for
books and films. They bring advancements, rewards and honors. 21 names elevate
your life and career and often indicate victory after a long struggle.


All these aspects ring true for ‘The
King's Speech.' Look at what producer Iain Canning revealed in a recent
interview –


It was tough to get films
made at that time in 2009. The Lehman Brothers crash had just happened and we
were trying to finance a British period movie, which is always difficult. We
also had a very small time-frame to do it – about a couple of months – because
we knew that we only had Geoffrey Rush available for a limited period, and so
we were under real pressure.'


Contrast the fabulous 21/3 for ‘The King's Speech' to the name
number for ‘The Social Network'. It adds up to 18/9 – a highly challenging


‘The Social Network' storyline reads like a Greek myth about
friendship, loyalty, jealousy and betrayal.


Amazing how the 18/9 title describes the topic for this
movie to a T.
There is a strong warning with 18 names of deception from both friends
and enemies.


The same goes for
the meaning of the number 21 and the topic for ‘The King's Speech'.


Note how 21 reduces
to 3. 3 symbolizes expressing yourself creatively, especially through speech.
Quite apropos considering King George VI overcame a speech impediment after a
long struggle.


There's another
public speaker I want to tell you about. Her name is Baeth Davis.



I am so pleased
to announce that Baeth, a truly inspiring speaker, will be the special guest
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Baeth Davis has
elevated the ancient art of hand analysis to a new level. She will show you how
fingerprints reveal your Life Purpose and Destiny in the same way that your
birth blueprint does. In fact we are combining three arts – numerology,
astrology and hand analysis in a powerful three-day event.


And the icing on
the cake is that you will discover your personal Wealth Formula as well. Every
person has a wealth formula hidden in his or her astro-numerology blueprint.


Space for the Prosperity
Power seminar
is limited
to 80 people, so you'll want to jump on this NOW to reserve your seat. 


I look forward to meeting
those of you who attend
very, very soon.





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An Emotional Rollercoaster for Charlie Sheen

charlie sheen.png

Charlie Sheen got very emotional
on a radio interview yesterday. It's making big headlines today on the major
news networks.


Emotional outbursts are something
Sheen is known for. Now they are being directed back at him.


Well, it's not surprising then that
Sheen is in an emotional 15/6 Personal Year.


Sheen is being asked for focus on
home and family matters. He has a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and
responsibility this year. Big decisions are on the table, which will help to
release him from limitations. If he does not step up to the plate, he'll be
challenged big time to make changes.


As a result of his interview
yesterday, his hit TV show ‘Two and a Half Men', has been put on hiatus.


You probably noticed already –
yesterday was February 24, a 6 Universal Day.


Well Sheen's big lesson is to
reign in his powerful emotions, so that he can express his feelings positively.
He is meant to uplift others with his creative self-expression.


Here is the key. His 15/6 Personal
Year is magnified by his birth numbers.


Sheen happens to have ALL three of
his important birth numbers in the 3-6-9 emotional triad. So his emotions will
always be right on the surface.


Not only that, Charlie has one
Each of the numbers 3, 6 and 9.


In addition to his 3 Day of Birth
and 90/9 Destiny, Sheen was born with a 33/6 Life Purpose Number. 33 adds up to
6 and is a Master Number blessing Sheen with a magnetic presence and a great
ability to attract abundance. However, the double 3 can attract major drama as


So Sheen thrives on using his
voice, performing, is highly creative, impulsive, compassionate, prone to mood
swings, can avoid responsibility, needs attention, can be interfering,
dramatic, aimless, giving and born to lead.


A potent mix, made more dramatic
by his celebrity lifestyle.


Since 2011 is a year where ALL is
magnified and brought to the surface, it's no surprise we are seeing so many
people and countries, including celebrities and politicians, taking issues to
the limit right now.


With all his fame and success, why
is there so much upheaval in Sheen's life. The answer lies in his current name.


‘Charlie Sheen' adds up to 43/7.


43 names were considered most
unfortunate by the ancients. They are symbolized by a life of obstacles and the
tendency toward strife and conflict.


Add the highly challenging 43 name
to Sheen's magnetic 3-6-9 emotional triad, and it's not surprising the actor
keeps getting himself into volatile emotional situations.


If Charlie Sheen changed his name
to a fortunate spelling, he would create a new positive frequency in his life. A
fortunate name would attract the support he needs to release his feelings in a
positive way.


It all starts with one small step.
Once you commit to a positive life, there is no looking back.





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