September, 2012 is the month of Freedom.

Today’s 14/5 Day magnifies the freedom frequency even more.

2012 = 5
Sep 2012 = 14/5
and today is the 14th, a 5 Day

In the mix we have number 14 – the ‘Media’ number. Media – both conventional and alternative – plays a big role in our concept of Freedom vs. Enslavement.

In 2012 finding your source of freedom is the key to happiness.

Ask yourself:

• When you share your feelings, are you completely authentic – revealing both the comfortable and uncomfortable?

• Do you risk it all… and at the same time trust that all is well?

• Are you in the habit of finding tools to help you get positive and clear, or do you allow outside forces to invade your space and set the tone of your day?

If it’s the latter, your essence is being polluted by the negativity of others.

That is one definition of enslavement – the polar opposite of freedom.

In 2012 we are learning that to be free, we have to decide what is important in our lives.

Look at the number 5.

5 faces left at the bottom, right at the top and sits on a rocker. It is made from a curve and straight lines. This number embodies everything, every possibility!

But you must make choices, decisions – otherwise you will be confused and overwhelmed.

The only way to choose Is to confront your fears.

You fear of intimacy.
Your fear of being loved.
Your fear of happiness.
Your fear of letting go.
Your fear of freedom.

You’re probably wondering why we fear the very things we want!

All fear is really the fear of CHANGE. Of having to make a CHOICE. Change isn't always easy – you have to be willing to embrace the truth in order to make an informed decision. You must consciously engage in life.

Change, uncertainty and fear are especially taking off right now with the intensity of our double 5 energy.

Fear is the shadow side of the number 5. So are distractions.

5 cycles ask us to decide between opportunities and distractions – and you can always choose opportunity over distraction!

The art is to find your center, your balance.

You'll especially notice distractions in the media right now.

“Dis-tract” means to draw in different directions, to divert attention, ‘to throw into a state of mind in which one knows not how to act.'

“In-tention” means being ‘on purpose' by directing your attention INWARDS. Going with-in.

Distractions will always be there. Distractions dis-engage your heart and activate your need for Darwinian survival. Foil all distractions by tuning to your HEART.

Set a good intention today and every day. Open your heart to inspiration, to goodness, wisdom and beauty.

Doing this consistently is deeply life affirming.

Abundance, happiness, love and peace are all part of the SAME dynamic – in each case you are welcoming goodness by embracing your exquisite inner beauty and making your life and environment a sanctuary of gratitude and joy.

And to ensure your life is tuned to a positive frequency, check your current name.

So much heart-ache and pain can be shifted and released when you embrace ONE fortunate current name.

If you only do this one thing you are many steps ahead!

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Go within, tune to your heart center, set your positive intention – BE free!

Love and Blessings,

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