When someone doesn’t want to testify in a U.S. court, they say “I’m taking the fifth.” They’re reasoning – “Why incriminate myself when I have the Freedom to remain silent?”
The exact meaning of the number 5 IS Freedom. Five can be summarized this way, ‘Don’t fence me in!’ 5 loves the freedom to come and go as it pleases.
Do you see how the number is open on both sides – the front and the back? How its base is on a rocker. This is what makes the number so adaptable. It’s why, having a 5 in your Pythagorean Blueprint means you love variety. Sometimes to the point of not knowing if it’s coming or going.
The number 5 feels very restless under routine – no 9 to 5 job for these folks. They’ll wilt and get the life sucked out of them.
In a similar way, ‘taking the fifth' is taking Freedom and applying it in the most fundamental way, by saying “I’m not incriminating myself with evidence that might be used against me.” This amendment gives people the freedom to apply a rule in their own best interest.
There’s something ironic in this as well.
Looking at the number 5 image again, see how the lower half of 5 is like one of the halves of a 3? This gives fives great speaking abilities. So it’s interesting that ‘taking the 5th' is a self-imposed freedom not to speak.
Here’s the clincher to the 5 energy of Freedom. The lesson for all people with prominent fives is to learn the RIGHT use of freedom.
In the same way, since this number represents our 5 senses, it’s important for 5s not to overdo sensual pleasures.
A 5 energy will never be bound like the confining square of a 4 vibration. So they’re prone to take chances, be the daredevil. Fives have no fear and are willing to gamble.
So where do you fit in?
Do you have a 5 as one of your four driving forces? Do you have a lot of letters in your name resonating to the 5 energy? I do. And I’ve never had or wanted a 9 to 5 job.
Be sure to discover the Destiny revealed in your Number Vibrations. Your life will never be the same.
Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
P.S. J.K. Rowling has a 5 Life Purpose Number. Fives often make wonderful fiction writers, because they have a wild and free imagination. Harry Potter is one of the ultimate escape stories for children – and their parents. When you’ve finished a book written by a 5 Life Purpose Author, like J.K.Rowling, you’re usually begging for more. Now find out what your inner gifts are and how to bring them to life. There is NO better feeling of success than allowing your talents to pave a road to great wealth and health.

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