I love skeptics. They light a fire in me. Earlier this morning I had the pleasure of talking to a skeptic about numerology.
Not privately, but in front of a live radio audience numbered at around 300,000.
‘What’s this about numerology,’ Sebastian, the host, asked. ‘I just don’t believe in fortune telling, astrology and psychics. They always talk about meeting the next handsome man or great looking woman tomorrow evening.’
‘Yes, some do – if they’re into fortune telling. But numerology is not about fortune telling,’ I told him.
‘Numerology is about WHO you are and WHAT you’re here to do. Numbers are abour YOU.’
Then a funny thing happened. Sebastian began asking me about himself. I gladly answered. He liked what I told him about his day of birth, the 30th. We looked at his radio personality name. Intrigued by now, he called for a commercial break so I could tally up his Life Purpose and Destiny Numbers. And so it usually goes with the power of numbers.
Originally I was asked to be a guest on his morning show to talk about the candidates following Super Tuesday. Well it took a good 20 minutes to get to THAT topic.
Sebastian definitely got it.
Another way to use numbers is to look at dates. The dates of Benazir Bhutto and Heath Ledger’s deaths were very revealing.
So was the date of May 30, 2005.
When I heard that Joran Van Der Sloot talked about what happened that night with Aruba with Natalee Holloway, I took note. I have looked at the Natalee Holloway for some time. If you've followed the story, and it's hard not to have heard about it – her life ended tragically that fateful day.
Her name adds up to a 12/3 – a number which has many good qualities. However, there is one major potential challenge with a 12 name – the person with this number can have a tendency to attract people who may do them harm.
A 12 name is not an easy name, because you have to be on guard more than most. That can be especially hard for teenagers. So Natalee’s name gave her the tendency to ignore other people’s motives.
What I wrote recently is that I didn’t think Joran killed Natalee. But I did think Natalee died early on May 30. He has now confirmed this to be the case. My sense about this being a tragic combination of alcohol and possible drugs plus overexertion seems to be confirmed.
The date, May 30, gave me that clue.
The Natalee Holloway incident is another example of why it’s important to know whether your current name is helping you or holding you back. Joran’s name, by the way, adds up to another very challenging number.
When it comes to you and your children, make sure you have a fortunate name.
Tonight, there’s another opportunity to ask me about your name or any other pressing event in your life. Join ourInner Circle call this evening.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. More on last night’s election as well as the clues in Heath Ledger’s name on tonight’s
Inner Circle

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