With Tatum O’Neal’s arrest in New York City for the possession of crack cocaine, I wanted to know more about her name.
As I gathered her information I remembered as a teenager watching Tatum’s former husband, John McEnroe play incredible matches against Bjorn Borg. With the French Open Finals this coming weekend, I thought it a great time to look at these two athletes first.
What amazed me right away about these two legendary tennis players is that McEnroe and Borg both share the SAME Life Purpose Number – 33/6.
The double 3 gave them tremendous creativity. For McEnroe that self-expressive creativity went overboard in his vocal temper tantrums on and off the court. Bjorn, the quiet Swede, let his tennis do the talking.
33 is a Master Number, and demands more from them. There's another connection these to players have as well. Both of their current names add up to 4, creating a strong, magnetic and fateful attraction between them. As a result, their incredible matches will always remain classics.
Bjorn Borg, a former World Number 1 tennis champion, is regarded by some as the greatest player in the sport's history.
During his nine-year career, he won 41 percent of ALL the Grand Slam tournaments he entered and nearly 90 percent of all his singles matches at those tournaments. That's still a record. All together, Borg won 11 Grand Slam tournaments. His 6 French Open singles titles are also an all-time record.
6 happens to be an important number for Borg – he's born on 6.6. and his Life Purpose is 33/6, so no surprise there.
As for McEnroe. He too was a former World No. 1. He won 7 Grand Slam tournaments. 7 happens to be an important number for him. He was born on the 16th which reduces to 7.
When I see a 16 Day of Birth I want to make sure the person in question has an especially fortunate name. McEnroe's 22/4 name didn't help matters, and he's always been looked at as the ‘bad boy' of tennis.
This is were Tatum O'Neal enters the picture.
It's no wonder John and Tatum were attracted to each other. Her current name adds up to 13/4 and his to 22/4. Put two 4 names together and you have an 8. Definitely not recommended. Tatum also has a 26/8 Life Purpose adding to her challenges and her fateful attraction to McEnroe.
Additionally, Tatum's drug problems were exacerbated by her 5 Destiny and 5 Day of Birth. When the 5 is prominent in your blueprint you want to try everything – especially regarding the 5 senses. You love to travel, eat, experience everything and take risks.
With a double 5 and a challenging current name, things can get out of hand as they have for O'Neal.
Tatum said yesterday that she had been doing well and staying straight and sober, but fell back into her old ways when her 16-year old Scottish terrier died of cancer. She sought help and kept up with her 12-step meetings, but says she couldn't shake the pain of her loss. She was arrested shortly after buying coke from a panhandler.
If Tatum O'Neal were my client, I would recommend she immediately change her name to ‘Tatum O'Neale.' The resulting number is an incredibly fortunate vibration which would help her immensely in getting back on track – and staying there.
The support of a wonderful name cannot be underestimated. I wish Tatum well.
Every person deserves a fortunate name. Make sure your name and your children's names resonate to a good number. Get your Is My Name Fortunate? report now.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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