I have much to be thankful for
this year. Giving thanks creates a most beautiful energy.


And so it is not surprising that the
three words that best describe this holiday –
Gratitude, Love and Thanksgiving – all resonate to
either 3, 6 or 9. No matter what system you use, Pythagorean or Chaldean, the
same numbers come up over and over again.


Numbers 3-6-9 comprise the Emotional and Feeling triad of


‘Love' adds up to 3 and 9 in each system.


‘Gratitude' adds up to 3 and 6.


‘Thanksgiving' resonates to 3 and 6 – amazingly just like ‘Gratitude'.


The 3 wants to uplift others and symbolizes the Mother-Father-Child
principle of perfect creation. 3 in the positive expresses happiness and love.


6 represents the cosmic parent, love, home and family. 6
wants to support and help others with deep compassion and love.


9 symbolizes unconditional love, the humanitarian spirit and
a culmination. 9 transforms through unconditional love.


During Thanksgiving we express a deep feeling our loved
ones, our home, our friends and our spiritual families.


It is perfectly natural then that humanity has a strong bond
to the 3-6-9 triad.


1. For example, there are 24/6 hours in a day.


2. 12/3 months in a year.


3. 12/3 inches in a foot.


4. 36/9 inches in a yard.


5. 360/9 degrees in a circle.


6. There are 9 months from conception to the birth of a
baby. 9 represents completion.


Today, 11.25.2010 is a 12/3 Universal Day in a 3 Universal
Year. Happiness is in the air. Feelings will be expressed.


It will be a spiritually uplifting day for many.


When you feel love you feel gratitude. And when you feel
gratitude, you open up your heart.


I am grateful to be sharing my life with you.


Have a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving,


Tania Gabrielle

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