The changes are accelerating right now. Can you feel it?

If not, you may be living on another planet…

So many people are having either deep, profound break-throughs or dealing with major life issues.

Well, usually a challenge IS the breakthrough – in disguise!

This year and particularly this month we are being asked to step forward boldly, without fear. Fear is the ultimate paralyzer. If you feel afraid, you’ll always figure out how to prevent yourself from moving forward.

What this all comes down to in 2012 is looking Fear straight into the eye and moving THROUGH your emotional resistance to change.

What are we resisting?

We are resisting letting go of our ego. Your ego likes stay in control. It is not aligned with your soul. Your ego is the self-image you have created in your mind over years and years in order to cope. Your self-image is formed in childhood and carries over issues from past lives.

In 2012 you have no choice but to look yourself in the eye and make a choice.

Do you choose to stay ignorant by clinging to your self-image? Will you keep maintaining the egoic lie? Or will you look in the mirror and see the Truth of WHO YOU ARE?

No matter what you decide, you are feeling compelled to change – even if you don’t know why.

2012 is a 5 Universal Year.

And 5 is the “Change Agent” number.

It is the only number to face right at the top and left at the bottom AND sit on a rocker.

5 is the Pivot Point. Where Decisions are made. Often quickly, but always there is risk involved. When you risk everything to be free, you embrace timelessness. You are saying,

“I am not afraid of death, because I am living authentically.

“I am free. I am happy.

“I AM.”

Every person’s life right now is experiencing change on some profound level resulting in those big “Aha” moments. These “Ahas” create amazing spiritual shifts – Soul-level transformations that are re-aligning you to your purpose.

You are remembering your innate power to create your own reality.

But that can be scary, right?

I know, we all go through it. Who hasn’t asked, “Am I good enough?” “Do I have what it takes to succeed?”

“What will my friends and family and colleagues think if I …. (fill in your most glorious wishes HERE)?”

The list goes on and on!

Our minds can figure out eons of ways to keep us stuck in a rut – not just for a year, but for lifetimes.

Here is the Truth. Transformation can only happen when we change from the inside out. When we release everything we THINK we know about ourselves and step through the gateway into the unknown.

When we let go of our Ego.

That is when you become the Conscious Creator of your Life.

Take the energy now and form it to your own liking and pleasure.

Warning: This requires you to be fearless!

And don’t fall for the lies about how, if you do what’s good for you, you might step on people’s toes on your way to success and happiness.

The opposite is actually true!

If you align to your inner truth, your soul’s essence, what is right by you will ALWAYS be right by the universe.


In this important 5 Universal Year – the year of the end of the 26,000 Mayan Baktun calendar when a whole new reality is being created for humanity – make sure you have in place a spiritual routine.

I spoke about this to my Infinity Elite VIP Group this week. A spiritual routine is a daily meditation practice to nourish your SOUL.

Just like you must stretch and exercise your physical body and eat healthily each and every day, so too your soul craves spiritual attention. Feed your soul and your life will change for the better more rapidly than you can imagine.

Find a modality that suits you – daily meditation first thing in the morning works best for me. I don’t even get out of bed most of the time before I meditate.

It sets the stage for a wonderful, clear, empowering day (and is a great way to end your day too).

Choose a spiritual routine to help quiet down your mind and open your heart to unconditional love. Immerse your soul in its own brilliance!

You will never regret nourishing your soul.

Your soul is WHO YOU ARE – it is ETERNAL. Your soul is your direct link to God, the Universe, Everything and Everyone.

Nourish your soul and you nourish everything.

You are a member of God You are One with God. You are re-membering this now. It is the most
wonderful re-discovery of your life.

Devotion, prayer, inspiration, meditation are your gateway into the kingdom of heaven within you.

Now go and shift your perspective! Release your egoic thoughts and ideas. Stop feeding your self-image. Stop protecting your self-image.

Walk fearlessly into the unknown.

Do so Now!

Many Blessings,


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