June, 2018 is a powerful 17 Universal Month.

When the number of Immortality, 17, coincides with the Initiation number 11 – which is active throughout 2018 –  we have a greater capacity to enter galactic consciousness.  

During this 11universal year, we being recalibrated to only be in the PRESENT moment – so as to awaken and honor our internal compass.

As you embrace God consciousness… you EXPAND to see and feel things way beyond a limited perspective…

Recognition of your Immortality is now informing more and more of your day-to-day choices and activities.

How does this work in practical terms?

  • You listen before making a choice. ANY choice.
  • You tune into your heart-center before you speak, accessing internal Soul-inspired language.
  • You pause for a moment to listen for prompts all day long.
  • You listen acutely for a sense of peace or delight as you read, converse, think, listen or create.
  • You consciously participate in every moment by asking, “Is this for my HIGHEST GOOD?”

Any tingling feeling is confirmation that you are fully present, that you PERCEIVE vibration way beyond your limited perspective.

You know you’ve come in touch with TRUTH, because your whole body lights up!

And you notice how your body is not only a temporary vehicle to house your Soul – but also your antenna to the Universe!

Antennas require consistent realignment to receive the most optimum, clear signal.

Your resonance to Light requires constant adjustments… and those attunements are only achieved INTERNALLY.

You notice how you want to ONLY spend time with people who naturally RESONATE with you. How, when you share experiences and delightful moments with these lovely people, it expands the light for you and them at once.

So you naturally discern how to and with whom you spend your time.

  • Listen internally when in the presence of anyone, or any thought or feeling. You will always be clued in as to whether the energy is in natural alignment with your Soul.

June’s 17 Universal Month of Immortality reminds you WHO you are – and that ALL the answers you seek to empower and guide you are within YOU.

Take this time to re-attune to your internal compass.

Listen to your Soul to speaking to you! (ALL the time)

The sign of GEMINI, where the Sun is currently navigating, enhances communication and all kinds of delightful endeavors.

Listening to your eternal, internal flame is the most important of all connections you can make: it inspires you to set intentions that are infused with Divine Light.

So, honor your amazing gift to be inspired from within.

  • Listen intently to all internal prompts.
  • Then ACT on them.

17 embodies LEADERSHIP energy.

Take the lead on what you sense.

Sensory perception merged with the courage to act are the ultimate game-changers in your life!

Here, to support you, is a powerful tool you can turn to for inspiration at any time:

It is your BIRTH promise – describing WHO you are at Soul-level.

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You’ll discover how your personal Soul code unlocks your divine gifts and reveals your life purpose… giving you the courage to fulfill your destiny and stay in alignment with your Soul.

This is why you are HERE.

To have a magnificent impact on the current vibrational shift on Earth!

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

PS. Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

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  • The big secret to leveraging your Birth Promise (this alone can help you HEAL from any overwhelm and stress!)
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