Barbra Streisand is an icon. She’s still the number 1 solo recording artist in the U.S. having sold over 71 million albums.
She’s won Oscars for both Best Actress and Best Original Song. How was she able to accomplish this. Especially since her name doesn’t add up to the most fortunate of numbers.
Streisand has the Power Number 26/8 as her Life Purpose Number. Her drive to succeed is endless. Most of my clients with a 26/8 Life Purpose run hugely successful businesses. No matter what their occupation, they their own boss. They understand how to manage wealth. Notice, even her 71 million albums add up to an 8.
Barbra certainly knows how to run a show. It’s hard for her Not to be Number 1. In fact, her Essence Number describing her attitude IS to be Number 1.
Then there’s her stage name, Barbra Streisand, a 38/11 in the Chaldean System. Not an easy number. And who says she’s had an easy time of it. She doesn’t necessarily pop into my head as one of the happiest people in the world.
Her 11 name will always give her a sense of incompletion. She feels divided. This name number often results in a refusal to see the other side. A sense of harmony is usually rare for people with an 11 name. More often, Streisand will feel conflicted about her decisions.
My husband Clay Haslop, world-class violinist, has recorded with Streisand. I remember him coming home in the early 1990’s and saying two things. Barbra is an amazing musician, who has never learned to read music – and sings everything by ear. And, she is one of the toughest artists he’s ever worked with.
One night Clay arrived home at 3am. The recording session was supposed to end at 5pm the previous day. Streisand didn’t like the arrangements. Professional musicians will tell you, if someone doesn’t read music it’s hard to quibble about arrangements. And you’re talking professional musicians who are the best at what they do – who come into the studio and record music they’ve never seen before after one take.
And so for a week, the recording sessions with Streisand lasted 16 hours instead of 7, partly because she wanted to make sure she got a ‘perfect’ take.
Contrast that to French singer Camille who sings on the movie score of ‘Ratatouille.’ Clay led the orchestra from the concertmaster chair for that film last March. Camille sang just one take of the song ‘Le Festin’ and that was that. One take. Well, who didn’t say the French aren’t relaxed.
Which brings me back to Streisand’s 11 name.
According to Clay, if she had relaxed a little and enjoyed the process more, all would have been accomplished a lot sooner. So the disharmony of her 11 name made for many uptight and long recording days.
You’d think with her 8 Life Purpose and 11 current name Barbra would have ended up being CEO of a large company. It’s something she could have easily accomplished, were it not for her strong pull towards the arts. You see, her Destiny Number requires her to perform, to express herself on stage. Her full name at birth, Barbara Joan Streisand, adds up to 75/3. Those of you with 3 Destiny’s have NO choice but to entertain, uplift and inspire others.
Doesn’t necessarily have to be on stage or in film. As long as words or colors or sound are used as a tool of self-expression. This can be done through speeches, concerts, exhibitions, or authoring articles and books
In Barbra’s case, due to the influence of her powerful 11 and 26/8 Numbers, the stage turned out a worldwide, mega successful showcase for her talents.
The best number Barbara has going for her though, the number which ties it all together and wraps her blueprint in a beautiful bow, is her Day of Birth – 24. Number 24 is a highly fortunate vibration. First off, it gives her help from people in high positions. Secondly, her financial success is greatly enhanced. Third it gives her happiness in her love relationships. And lastly, the 24/6 imbues her with a great deal of magnetism.
It’s pretty obvious the number 24/6 has played a mega role in Barbra Streisand’s life. She’s hit a homerun on all four counts.
Without a doubt, her 24 Day gave Barbra the luck and fortune inherent in reaching the hundreds of millions of fans she has around the world. This unique Numbers Recipe – her 8 Destiny, 11 current name and 24/6 Birth, not to mention her Number 1 Essence, gives her the boundless creativity and intense drive to succeed. She innately understands the importance of each and every opportunity that comes down the lane. Who knows how she would have felt about herself and her career had her name been fortunate as well.
You have to admire a person who is able to overcome obstacles and accomplish so much.
As with Barbra’s numbers, every blueprint tells a compelling story. The stories are never the same, but they are always riveting. As a Sacred Numerologist, I help you to shine the light on YOUR story. I call that story your Destiny and your Life Purpose. And I make sure you HAVE a fortunate name to support your story.
Since my big holiday specialis about to end, there’s no better time than now to discover your rightful destiny. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Go and give yourself the gift of a lifetime.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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