It’s a beautiful day on Loch Lomond in Scotland. That’s Lake Lomond for all you non Brits.
I’m sitting in our cottage enjoying a quiet morning – our final day in the U.K. While visitng Edinburgh I was able to research Celtic Numerology.
Before coming here, a friend tipped me off about the Celts’ love of numbers. I have found this to be true. One piece of evidence exists in the beautiful names the Celts used. Another clue is apparent in the stories, especially the legends of generals.
One such professional soldier was Cunedda. Cunedda wasn’t his personal name but a Celtic military word meaning ‘good leader.’ A strong memory of this extraordinary man exists in the popular name Kenneth.
Before Cunedda left southern Scotland for Wales around 425 AD, a poem remembers him this way.
“Splendid he was in battle,
with his nine-hundred horse,
Cunedda …the Lion …the son of Aeternus.”

Mention of his nine-hundred horse is very significant. 9 is the number which contains every number before it, from 1 through 8. So, it represents completion. 9 is the vibration of leadership. Zero stands for divine protection. So Cunedda and his ‘nine-hundred horse’ was a great leader with double divine protection.
Cunedda changed the history of Wales. He founded a dynasty which endured for eight centuries – a very long time. His expedition is the only example of a lasting victory. It ended when Llewellyn the Great was defeated by Edward I in 1282/3.
It’s very apparent that Cunedda wanted to be of service to the world. As befits the nine, his deepest satisfaction came from knowing he helped humanity. Every great leader has a 9 somewhere in his or her blueprint. For some it is the Soul Number, for others the Destiny or Life Purpose Vibration.
If 9 is a number you see often, you have leadership qualities which want to be expressed. This includes numbers such as 18, 423, 972, – any number whose root number is 9.
Pay attention to the numbers in your life. Especially those you notice repeatedly.
Most importantly, find out WHY you’re seeing certain numbers. Your Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint will answer that and so much more. Remember, your personal numbers are active for a lifetime. More reason to discover which numbers are directing and supporting you right Now.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
P.S. If you missed my interview on Hay House Radio a week ago, it is now available in their archives. Go to Hay House Radio and enter your name and email. Then click on the Colette Baron-Reid Show, and go to ‘Divine Nudges and Numbers.’ I will join Colette as a special guest again in November.

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