Six years ago today Clayton and I woke up with great anticipation. We were flying to Hawaii for our vacation.
Of course, it was not to be. A phone call from a friend in New York changed our life that day. Once I regained my peace of mind after being in a state of shock for a few days – and had unpacked our suitcases – I began looking at the numbers. I noticed some amazing ‘coincidences’ concerning the number 11.
11 is a powerful master number. It is made up of side-by-side 1s symbolizing a gateway towards self-mastery.
There was so much to master that day. Flexibility, compassion, and discernment. Transcending pain, loss and anger. Most importantly, I had to learn to focus on healing and peace instead of going to a place of rage and fear. THAT one was hard.
As I was contemplating the immensity of the situation in the days that followed, I had a hunch to look up a couple of numerological facts. Believe me when I tell you that I was amazed at what I discovered.
I’m going to share a few of these facts with you today.
Sept 11 is 254th day of the year. When you add up 2+5+4 the total is 11.
After September 11 there are 111 days left until the end of the year. For a moment these numbers took my breath away. Then I looked at the Essence Vibration, which is derived from adding the digits of the month to the day. 9+1+1 ALSO equals 11. Finally, and this is most striking – the twin towers of the World Trade Center looked like the number 11.
What did this mean? I really had to dig deep to understand the extraordinary significance of September 11.
11 represents two sides of the same coin, or two opposing situations, which have to be balanced. The challenge of the double 1 is that there is an ILLUSION of separation. So during an 11 vibration, you are asked to unite two seemingly opposing ideas. If you’re frustrated, identify the origin of the opposing force. Is it a third person. Is it an idea. Or is it just a refusal to see the other side.
Six years ago, an opposing force did not want to see the other side. He wanted to destroy it. Osama bin Laden was the instigator of violence. He was intent on dividing, not uniting. The resulting attack showed the dark side of number 11. When every thought, every goal is out of balance and destructive. When, instead of peaceful resolution, there is war.
Ultimately, under the influence of 11, all opposites unite. They unite with no loss of individual identity. Thus, September 11 is a healing day. It’s an opportunity for us to experience INNER balance and ultimately – peace.
There’s another important reason the month of September always is a BIG month for everyone. It’s the only month of the year where your Personal Year vibration is ALSO your Personal Month vibration. For example, if you’re in a Personal Year of 5 this year, you will also be in a Personal Month of 5 in September – a double whammy of the 5 vibration.
So life is magnified in September – for every one of us.
I am so grateful to live during this wonderful time. Where we are more connected than ever before. Where we can embrace our differences. Where all that matters is the quality in our hearts and in our thoughts.
Every person on this planet has a birthday and a name. Each of us has a Numerology Blueprint. May we all fulfill our potential and explore our gifts to the fullest.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
P.S. We did go on our Hawaii vacation eight months later when I was seven months pregnant. After Claire was born we moved from Los Angeles to Vermont and finally settled down in Asheville, North Carolina. Our life changed – for the better. Now it’s your turn to discover the gifts YOU were born to use. What is your Destiny? What is your main Life Purpose? How is the city you are living in affecting your life and career? Find out the answers to these questions Now.

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