This morning I was driving to the airport to pick up my husband Clay Haslop. He’s just returned from leading the orchestra for another big Hollywood movie.
It got me thinking about numbers in movies. Particularly the number 007. Why is it that this number was used for the infamous character James Bond. Is it because the two zeroes look like two eyes, as in ‘for your eyes only.’ Possibly. But that doesn’t explain the number 7. And, it’s only part of the answer.
O is a circle. The circle represents wholeness, perfection and eternity. A circle expands equally in all directions from a center point, so zero represents nothing and everything. A circle also symbolizes the cycles of nature. Sun, moon, and planets move in circles – always in constant motion. So the Zero is a symbol of God and the divine – the source of all life.
When the O is part of a number, as in 30, 100, or 007, it gives the person divine protection.
Who makes better use of divine protection than the immortal James Bond. Without those double zeroes, he would have been assassinated a long time ago. He wouldn’t have dodged bullets and saved the world 21 times. But it’s impossible to kill off 007.
7 happens to be the most lonely and mystical number of all. 7s are always on some kind of quest. They are single and singleminded.
Additionally, people with a prominent 7 in their blueprints have to work for themselves, preferably alone. They don’t like having a boss. Though Agent 007 works for the British Intelligence Service, James Bond is best known for making his own decisions, defying his orders from above – all with an eye to accomplish his quest to defeat evil.
The 007 also explains why Bond isn’t married. He doesn’t want to be tied down. Though people with a strong 7 presence in their blueprint can be happily married, they feel most comfortable when they are alone.
7 gives a faith in your own invincibility, which is why it’s commonly referred to as a lucky number.
There is a reason, in the Judeo-Christian story of creation, that God blessed the 7th day and rested. 7 is a symbol for spiritual completion. In order to complete a task that requires much faith, tenacity is a must. The combo of inner strength and magic, dedication and intelligence are hallmarks of a 7 person. They are also the key qualities a super-spy who needs to complete his daunting mission to save the planet.
In addition to the 7, Bond needs lots of divine protection. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to win against equally powerful evil forces. Enter the Double Zero. There is no better number for this fictional character.
The 007 will make James Bond immortal.
As long as movie theaters exist, and movies are being made, we will receive another James Bond sequel. So far an unbelievable 21 James Bond films have been made between 1962 and 2006, and another film is planned for 2008.
What about you – do you have a zero in one of your personal numbers? Does the quality of the 7 appear anywhere in your blueprint? Like in the number 17, 71 or 34/7. Are there repeated number in your Personal Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint – a sign of double intensity and special talents?
Knowing the answers to these questions will give you thrilling insights about your destiny. The numbers in your Personal Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint are major clues to how you can obtain true success and happiness.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. Listen to a soundclip from last month’s teleseminar. Scroll down below my photo. Then make sure you join the Pythagorean Club and benefit big time from next week’s call.

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