Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 12.17.54 PMRewriting history has been going on since the dawn of time.

This week a ‘new face’ was put on Richard III, the infamous king, whose skeleton was recently found in a shallow grave under a parking lot.

With this discovery a new debate is raging about the reign of the Plantagenets, of which Richard was the last to rule.

Shakespeare’s retelling of Richard III, inspired by Sir Thomas More, has been ingrained as history – in a similar way Hollywood movies are accepted as a depiction of Americans around the globe.

Sir Thomas More’s version of history was penned 200 years after Richard III’s death during the reign of the Tudors, who had a huge interest in discrediting Richard in order to bolster their claim to the throne.

Unfortunately for the king, his name “Richard” did not help!

“Richard III” adds up to the number 18 without the “III’ (and the number 11 with the III).

Both are not current name numbers I recommend.

As his skeleton now shows, he suffered from severe scoliosis. He was the last king to die in battle at a young age of 32. His name would not have supported him, but sent obstacles his way.

Notice that he died in 1485. Add up all the single digits and you get 18. Thus his challenging 18 name “Richard” was activated that year.

Queen Elizabeth II, on the other hand, has a highly fortunate 33/6 current name. Add the “II” and you get 35/8 showing her longevity and physical strength.

Her uncle, Edward VIII, carried a 22/4 current name – not so fortunate. Of course, he abdicated in less than one year in order to marry the American socialite Wallis Simpson.

Simpson’s name resonates to 12, the “victim or victimizer” number showing how her presence shaped this ‘scandalous’ storyline…

King Edward’s abdication paved the way for Elizabeth’s father Albert to become King. He chose the name George VI, also not a fortunate name. Under King George’s reign the British Empire dissipated and became the Commonwealth. His health, always shaky, deteriorated during World War II. However, he did restore the popularity of the monarchy during very trying times.

Your current name will always indicate the ease with which your life is flowing.

A challenging name attracts obstacles and challenging events. A fortunate name attracts supportive people and experiences – plus the positive frequency speeds up your road to success and abundance!

You always want to make sure your current name and the names of your loved ones and your business are fortunate.

Abundance is attracted to ease and joy!

Check your name here for your “Is My Name Fortunate?” Report – I’ll be sure to give you fortunate alternatives, if needed:

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In Love and Abundance,

Tania Gabrielle

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  1. Laraine Turner February 8, 2013 at 3:13 am - Reply

    An inetersting read…I do not personally put too much emphasise on names currently used- but rather go by our full name at birth as I believe that that is the name we chose for ourselves before we were reborn & holds all the clues to our personality & karmic lessons in life. Maybe, if i held your beliefs, i’d be very confused as I’m known as Laraine, Lal, Lally, Lalli, Lally-ann, by different people at different times!!! Do you, therefore think that 1 name’s better for me than another? I’d be interested to know 🙂

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