I’ve known Brian since the year 2000. He was my Pilates Instructor when we still lived in Santa Monica, California.
Now Brian, his identical twin brother Kevin and I are going to collaborate on a big project. Before I tell you what it is, let me indulge a wee bit on why Pythagorean Numerology is SO spot on when it comes to two guys, who are born minutes apart and look and sound exactly the same.
Brian was a champion athlete. He was a shoo-in as a goalie for the Olympic Water Polo team until he tragically got injured. While Brian was always in the limelight as a swimmer – he was Junior Olympic Champion – and as a water polo player, his brother Kevin was on the sidelines filming. Kevin’s the movie director, the behind-the-scenes guy. Brian is the subject of his latest feature-length documentary.
These twin brothers are as close to each other as you can get.
And yet – they have completely, utterly different destinies. What they do share, besides totally identical genes, is the same Life Purpose Number, which is derived from their birthday.
The only thing they don’t share is the name they go by. And therein lies the answer to why their destinies are NOT identical. Their names give them each careers, which are unique to each of them – and different as night and day.
While Kevin is always behind the lens filming, Brian performs either athletically or as an actor. Thing is, they are both expressing themselves, as befits their 3 Life Purpose Vibration. However, it is in “how” they are expressing themselves, that their paths are so different.
Remember, your Destiny Vibration is derived from your name at birth. This is why identical twins can look, act and sound interchangeable, and yet have careers that are 180 degrees apart.
I have come across this phenomenon so often in my identical twin clients, that I’m 100 percent convinced – only Pythagorean Numerology can account for the difference. Astrology certainly can not. Neither can their genes. Or their upbringing.
Even Brian and Kevin’s girlfriends have reflected the differences in their Pythagorean Numerology Blueprints.
Not that you need to take my word for it. You see, I am going to be scoring the documentary they are just completing. Meaning, I’m composing the music soundtrack for the film. I’ll let you know when it’s released, most likely next year. This way you will be able to see how the women in their lives are a shoo-in when it comes to matching up with Brian and Kevin’s very different Destinies.
For now, all you need to know is this – your name is your MOST important asset. Know the vibration your name emits, and you’ll discover your true destiny.
Get your personal Pythagorean Numerology blueprint Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint and learn what your Life Purpose, Soul, Personality and Destiny Vibrations say about you.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
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