My daughter Clara is really into the piano. She started a little over a year ago and it’s her absolute favorite thing to do – play and compose.

When people ask her why she likes it so much, her first answer is usually, “just because I love it.”

Simple answers can encapsulate what whole books try to teach.

By saying ‘because I love it,’ she conveyed the ‘cause’ of her joy. Be-cause.

Many adults go circuitous ways to discover their passion. Often they’ll do the opposite of what they want. Only by experiencing the opposite they discover what really entices their heart in a profound way.

Kids don’t do that.

Kids just go for it. They haven’t learned to dampen their enthusiasm. And they always tell it as it is.

Sometimes to the embarrassment of their parents!

Later, with social peer pressure and insecurities about fitting in and being liked, we put a lid on our passions in order to please.

Instead of BEING, we start DOING what is expected of us.

We forgot that the “doing” has to always arise from our “being”.

This means, there’s nothing you have to do. There’s nothing you have to live up to. Just be conscious of what you are being right now.

Before our current 2012 Shift the old paradigm was to do things in order to be happy. You buy a house or car or piano or whatever, and that will bring you happiness. You get your degree and you’ll be happy. You marry in order to be happy.

With the new paradigm that illusion is history.

Only when you are being happy first do you automatically begin doing things that bring happiness.

You cannot ‘do’ your way into happiness!

Same goes for abundance, joy, love, peace.

The way to get there is to be there. Your doing will always support what and who how you are being now. So there really is nothing for you to do than to be what you are searching for.

And therein lies the dichotomy.

For how do you get there when all you have to do is be there?

2012 has been set up for you to let go, let loose, release your anxious thoughts and patterns that have fueled your decisions – as if your life depended on them.

All the shifts you’re experiencing are not to get you off-balance, but to recalibrate you and bring you back into balance.

Are you being honest? Authentic? Real?

Are you being non-judgmental, yet discerning?

Are you conscious of how you are being? Or are you on auto-pilot most of the day?

Do you have a ‘knowing’?

Your life only depends on who you are being in any given moment.

Nothing else matters.

Eliminate everything you are not.

Eliminate the expectations and the illusions. Eliminate the people who don’t support who you truly are. Eliminate the beliefs that no longer serve you. Nothing matters except being at one with the universe, alone – all one.

Never sacrifice your life for another person. Nor conform to society’s ideas and beliefs of what you should do.

Be who you are.

Just because!

Love and Abundance,


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