With Obama’s three huge wins last night, my prediction is starting to come true. As I said last week, you’re looking at the new President.
In a minute I’ll show Hillary what she can do to help herself in the future. First I want to share more about Barack’s 22 Personal Year in 2008.
22 is a Master Number and symbolizes the ancient value for a circle. So it means completion. What this signifies for Obama in 2008 is that his goals will be fulfilled. All his most secret desires can become real. Fulfillment of his greatest dreams are possible during this vibration. When you’re in a 22 Personal Year you must have big plans. Things you may have had in the back of your mind are all manifested this year.
Obama’s dream to become President IS big and fits his current cycle perfectly.
Not only does he benefit from this amazing year, he benefits from the connection this number has to his Personal Numerology Blueprint. 22 adds up to 4, and Barack is born on the 4th, so it makes this cycle even more powerful for him. The 22/4 activates his deepest desires and allows them to come to fruition.
Look at his momentum. Last night’s big margin of victories. And the donations pouring into his campaign. People love betting on winners. And Obama is now clearly the frontrunner.
Note too that the next big day of primaries takes place on March 4. I think by then his race for Democratic nominee will turn into a coronation.
As I explained last night during a radio interview, Hillary Clinton’s name is not helping her. It adds up to the same challenging vibration as Michael Jackson’s name does. She’ll always be held back by forces beyond her control if she continues to use her current name.
Here’s what I recommend for Hillary. Take out one L in your first name. Make it Hilary Clinton. The resulting number is a 180 degree turn from your current name number. This new spelling adds up to 41/5 – a magical vibration with the power to sway masses of people. It would give her a magnetic presence and powerful speaking abilities – thing her current rival has in abundance.
41 and 32 names were known by the ancients as the ‘politician’s vibration.’ Enough said.
Of course, it’s too late for her to benefit from a name change now. But it would greatly alleviate many unnecessary obstacles for her in the future.
Tomorrow I will tell you about another person who could really use a name change – Roger Clemens.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. The first and most important step towards fulfilling your dreams is to know what YOUR name and numbers reveal about your life today.

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