Today we are awakening to a new reality. This is the end of the world as we know it.

Today is March 22. It is two days after the Spring Equinox. In Aries the Sun and New Moon lie at 2 degrees right now. They join with two other planets, making this a quadruple conjunction of Uranus, New Moon, Sun and Mercury.

Then, on April 22, Mercury, which is retrograde now and begins moving forward again in early April, again joins Uranus.

Notice ALL the 2’s in the Astro-Numerology.

22 symbolizes ‘The Architect of Peace’ and is also referred to as the Buddha Number. 22 reduces to 4 which grounds Peace into Physical Reality.

2 is the number of Peace, Cooperation, Diplomacy, Compassion, Decisions and Relationships.

In 2012, a year that begins and ends with a 2 – this moment in time is VERY important.

For within the two 2s that frame 2012, we have the numbers 01.

2 – 01 – 2

0 is female, 1 is male.

0 and 1 make up the universe, the computer code. They are the Alpha and Omega.

When numbers combine in this way – across modalities –  the moment is very, very precious.

If you had unexpectedly potent dreams last night or today, visions, feelings or thoughts, take them to heart. You are being shown the deep potential that is personal to YOU in this birthing cycle of a new paradigm.

Today’s conjunction takes place in the FIRST degrees of the FIRST sign of the Zodiac at the BEGINING of Spring in the Big Shift year of 2012.

If there was ever a time to release your fears, let go of your self-image (the false image, not the true you), it is NOW.

This can be painful, if you are resisting.

Just know, you must make a choice. Know too, that whatever choice you make will be correct for you. There truly is no such thing as a ‘wrong’ choice.

Every choice you make leads to more wisdom and understanding.

Of course, Uranus always shakes things up by introducing unexpected twists and turns that accelerate life and bring a distinct changing of the guard.

2012 and this moment now is asking you to reconsider how you interpret your past, your history. Consider who has been telling your story through the centuries. Don’t judge. Just know that there is another way to BE.

We are all equal.

We are compassionate.

We are loving, kind and tolerant.

We can condone each others’ choices without judgment.

Today is a big turning point in how we ‘SEE’ life. How we treat one another.

And, most of all, how you step through your fears and step into a brand new experience of BEING.

‘What you resist, persists’ is intensifying dramatically this year.

As the great Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Do the thing your fear and the death of fear is certain.”

Now go be the Creator of your Life!

Love and Blessings,


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