Marion Jones could have been an international phenom even without taking performance enhancing designer drugs.
Jones was a great sprinter and baketball player. That was before she started taking steroids. Too bad she ruined her life.
I ran track in high school – so I follow the sport on occasion. I remember watching her on her road to the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Then Marion broke her foot. She was practicing with the U.S. Basketball team. She could have been part of the team for the Olympics, even though she chose track and field. That’s how good she was. Her broken foot kept her away from Atlanta.
That must have been a real blow.
In 1996 she began dating a guy named C.J. Hunter. She eventually married this loser of a guy.
Marion becomes the fastest woman in the world in 1997. In 1998 she beats Florence Griffith Joyner’s – also known as Flo Jo – world record. She also becomes world champion in the long jump.
At the U.S. national championships in New Orleans, she’s the first woman in 50 years to win three individual events – the 100, 200 and long jump. Additionally, Marion is the first U.S. woman to be ranked No. 1 simultaneously in three different events – the 100, 200 and the long jump. She’s also become wealthy – pulling in over 7 mil from Nike ads.
In October 1998 she marries C.J. Hunter, world-champion in the shot-put. He’s a big guy. And he was already taking steroids.
Marion was still clean. Then something happened which threw her into a major crisis. While attempting to win four golds at the world championships in Seville, Spain, Marion was overcome with back spasms in the 200 semifinals and withdrew from the rest of the competition. Her season was finished.
She must have been devastated. She wanted to put her stamp on track and field before the 2000 Olympics, where she planned to be the first ever track athlete to win five gold medals. She said, ‘My ultimate goal is to be mentioned in the same sentence as Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali or Pele.’
In order to fulfill her goal, and running scared, she turns to her loser of a husband. He starts her on designer steroids. Marion has activated her Victim Number.
From then on, Marion Jones becomes a fraud. Two days after Marion wins her first Olympic gold, there’s news that Hunter has failed four separate tests over the summer for the use of the steroid nandrolone. Hunter actually ‘withdrew’ from the Olympics a month prior to the Games after undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery. A cover-up of course, because the tests for steroids at the Olympics are the most vigilant out there. He didn’t want to be found out and jeopardize his wife’s moment of glory.
At an emotional news conference Hunter is emphatic he never took the drug.
Marion’s day of birth is 12 – the victim number. So she has to always be aware of false flattery from others who use it to gain their own goals. Especially since she’s a celebrity and such an extraordinary talent. Wolves with fangs are attracted to that energy. She has to be suspicious of anyone who dangles out promises. She must always analyze people’s motives.
Marion may sacrifice her personal goals to help someone else achieve their ambitions. Like CJ, who was married to the fastest woman in the world.
Marion Jones has an amazing name number, 14, which shows success in all media-related matters. Well, aside from the bad news plastered in newspapers and TVs across the globe right now.
What I would suggest to Marion is to write a book that tells her journey from the point of view of someone who has made some huge mistakes, regretted them, learned from them and now has undergone a spiritual transformation.
Of course, she’ll have to undergo the transformation first. Admitting her lies and wrongdoing are the first step.
If she can do that, my bet is, many people will want to read about her story. Her life has played out in a grand, public way. Though being in the public eye can be much harder, it also may make her recovery easier. Because people know her, and my guess is, they still like her on some level.
Marion’s wealth is gone. She used to live in Michael Jordan’s neighborhood in Chapel Hill, NC. Last year a bank foreclosed on her mansion. She’s heavily in debt and fighting off court judgments.
I’m not surprised. Marion is in a 13/4 year, the year of death. Her old false life died this year. This is a year of death and rebirth. Marion’s consciousness, her spirit is being reborn this year. It was time.
My sense is, she’ll be ok. She’s stepping out of the victim mode. I wish her the best in recovering her inner strength.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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