the most important quality you have in a time of rapid transformation is


We are living in momentous
times. 2011 will be filled by stories about Earth and weather events, political
instability, and new revelations that challenge your beliefs.


Keep an open mind while balancing
and grounding yourself.


Including the news that there
are really 13, not 12, signs in Astrology.


Nostradamus knew about it. The
great astronomer Johannes Kepler knew about it. He created this beautiful
drawing of Ophiuchus.


On November 8, 2010 I wrote a
newsletter entitled ‘Google Imprints With Numbers'. In it I said:


“You may not realize this, but
people in powerful positions know and use ancient sciences – astrology and
numerology. What they know is not available to most.


“For example, the ancient
Hebrew form of astrology had 13 signs.


“It makes a lot of sense. When
you consider that 4 weeks multiplied by 13 signs equals 52 weeks.”


When I wrote that, I had no
idea the 13th sign, Ophiuchus, was about to make news headlines around
the world two months later.


Of course, numerologically, it
makes sense that this happen in 2011. 2011 activates the numbers 4 and 13.


The 13th sign,
Ophiuchus, has been kept hidden for millenia, and news of its existence also
forecasts that many more truths will be brought to light this year.


13/4 is the number of Life,
Death and Transformation. It is the frequency that manifests and grounds ideas
into physical reality. Thus, the reality we experience here on Earth is
symbolized by the number 13/4.


Today is the 31st of
January – a number we shouldn't be seeing in any month. Why? Because, in
reality, all months are 28 days long.


As the Hebrews and Sumerians
and Ancient Egyptians practiced, the Natural cycle is 13 lunar months of 28
days each.


Now look at this Earthly
connecting to the number 13/4.


13 times 4 = 52 weeks, an Earthly


So 13/4 combines BOTH the sun
cycle and the moon cycle into one.


This is what the ancients


The 13th sign, Ophiuchus,
means The Snake Holder or The Healer. It is also referred to as Serpentarius.


That's because Ophiuchus is
symbolized by the serpent winding around a rod.


Yes, the exact same logo of
Western Medicine.


Just days before the 13th
sign story made headlines, if you had looked up ‘Ophiuchus' on Wikipedia, you
would have seen this ‘Rod of Asclepius' symbol – the serpent and rod logo of Western
Medicine. In fact, Wikipedia claimed that the serpent and the rod was the
symbol most often used for the 13th sign, Ophiuchus.


Of course, not many people saw
that page, since very few knew about Ophiuchus.


So, how interesting, when I
checked Wikipedia a few days after the story broke, I found no more
serpent-on-the-rod symbol. It had been removed. Fortunately, a week before, I
had made a copy of the original Wikipedia entry and sent it to a friend. The
serpent-on-the-rod symbol was still present then.


Is it a coincidence that, as the
world was focusing on the 13th sign – the literal symbol of western
medicine and direct current connection to Ophiuchus – was removed from


I have my own ideas on why this
happened and will share these at my next Inner Circle teleconference in mid


Symbols, like the serpent-on-the-rod,
are extremely powerful. They have an immediate effect on you.


That's because symbols are
superconscious representations of creation. They penetrate your subconscious
mind instantly. The symbolic language – tone, color and archetype – makes up
the universe we live in.


Now that the secret of Ophiuchus
is out, you'll find your life changing more rapidly.


It does NOT mean the sun sign
you have been identifying with all this time isn't valid. It is. You are still
affected by the astrology chart the way you know it. It is your reality. And
will continue to be while you learn about the new 13 sign horoscope.


My clients who have received
their astro-numerology readings already know about both their signs. They know
how their ‘new' sign opens the door for rapid transformation.


Everything is shifting for ALL of
us. Belief systems are the hardest to change. But change we must.


Contrary to what some believe,
all change is good. It represent movement, the basis for life.


If you feel like you are
sliding ‘backwards', it is an illusion. You are learning, growing, moving.
Every experience is valid and meant to open your heart and mind to the
incredible variety life has to offer.


This 13th Sign is
only part of your magnificent story.


Combining the frequencies in
your Astro-Numerology codes will reveal so much more about who you are and how
you will accomplish your goals. Your numbers, your planets, your sign, your sacred
geometry, your letters, your name – ALL describe your special, eternal code.


In 2011 you are being asked to
walk through the gateway of Truth into the Unknown.


Connect with your TRUE soul
personality now.





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