Magician David Blaine is like a Houdini reincarnated. More on Blaine and Houdini's numbers in moment.

Speaking of magic, members of Congress and Wall Street could definitely use a positive dose just about now. With the bailout talks in chaos since last night, I'm projecting you'll see the Stock Exchange going down today to send a message. A tactic which very well might work.

After all, today is the 26th – a fateful 8 Day and one specifically dealing with executive leadership and financial abundance.

And then there's tonight's possible Presidential debate. The fact that I'm saying ‘possible' is amazing in itself.

If it proceeds, McCain is bound to want the upper hand. He's in a double 11 cycle this month and today is a 1 Personal Day for him. That's a big dose of leadership wrapped up into one day. The fact that he's taking all these risks right now is clearly related to multiple 1s. Note McCain has two 11s in his personal blueprint as it is.

Obama's current double 4 cycle and 39/12/3 Day is not quite as strong for tonight's debate. Except for one thing. He'll be eloquent. 3 is a wonderful number for self-expression. So, if it takes place, there will be fireworks.

When you add that BOTH candidates have 17/8 ‘Immortality' names – well, let's just say the times were in now will immortalize both of them. History will remember Obama and McCain for a long time.

Now on to the subject of magic. Here's a question that came in from a reader yesterday.

‘Tania what is in the numbers for David Blaine, the awesome magician.'

I took a look for you, Kaye, and I have to say – Blaine was born to do magic. In many ways, his blueprint mirrors Houdini's to a tee. Look at these extraordinary clues.

Blaine has a highly original 28/10/1 Life Purpose and Harry Houdini had a 28/10/1 Soul. That in itself is a profound connection.

Blaine was born on the 4th. Houdini on the 22/4th.

Blaine has an 8 Essence, Houdini an 8 Destiny.

Blaine has a 76/13/4 Destiny and ‘Harry Houdini' has a 22/4 current name.

Houdini's 22/4 name gives us a clue as to why he died tragically from a burst appendix that came as a result of being hit in the stomach. You see, a 4 current name of any kind makes life more challenging. Especially for Houdini who was born on the  22nd, a 4 Day. It's never easy to double up a 4. Though it did allow Houdini to think ‘outside the box.'

Blaine didn't have a 4 name, however he was born on a 4 Day too and has a 4 Destiny – again, here's a man who knows how to think ‘outside the box.'

Notice that Houdini even died on a 31/4 Day. His death happened in 1926 and was recorded at 1:26pm. There's that 26/8 again. Remember, 4s and 8s are magnetically attracted to each other.

It's no coincidence the first Presidential Debate was scheduled for today, the 26th. Both candidates have major 4s and 8s in each of their blueprints. The same goes for Houdini's numbers And the day he died. As you'll soon read in my new book, this is a numbers relationship which plays out throughout U.S. history.

David Blaine happens to have an amazingly appropriate current name number – with a twist, of course. Everything about David Blaine comes with a twist.

‘David Blaine' adds up to 15/6, the number of alchemy and magic. It's a very fortunate number.

What's the twist. Anyone born on a 4 or 8 date has to be careful with a 15/6 current name. This combination is powerful and yet can be misused. That's the nature of magic.

Blaine completed another big magic trick this week in New York City. Hanging upside down for 60 somewhat straight hours. With some time to sit up and get attended by doctors in between. Nonetheless it was an amazing mental and physical feat.

Then why wasn't it received as well as some of his other magical extravaganzas.

Blaine is in an 18/9 Personal Year. His health is of paramount importance right now. You need more sleep during an 18 year. So timing-wise it wasn't the best. 18 can also indicate possible deception. So maybe some of his fans felt cheated.

He's also in a 9 Personal Month right now which reinforces that 18/9 cycle he's in.

Paying attention to your current cycles will help you make those important decisions. Is this a good time to hang upside down for 60 straight hours. Just one of those major questions which can be answered with numerology.

So get your personal guide to the next 12 months now – with one additional month thrown in as a gift.

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Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. My radio show looks at major trends from now through 2012. Listen here.

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