Here are some news flashes from earlier this morning.

 NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has subpoenaed John Thain, ousted Merrill Lynch Chief.

Missing hedge fund manager, Arthur Nadal – also known as ‘Mini Made-off – is arrested by FBI agents in Tampa this morning.

Newly appointed Secretary of the Treasury writes bestseller. His new book will reveal how to use statute of limitations to not pay 1000s in taxes. Until you're nominated Treasury Secretary.

That last flash wasn't announced this morning, of course.

But these four news-makers all have something in common. Very challenging names. Except for Andrew Cuomo.

Let's look at Timothy Geithner for example.

After the IRS makes Geithner pay his 2003/04 taxes, he used statute of limitations to NOT pay thousands more he owed from 2001/02. Not until he was nominated for his current post did he pay up.

Geithner, a big guy in the NY banking crowd, will need to watch his moves. His blueprint indicates the possibility of a major ego. Anytime I see a powerful person with the double 9 in his most important numbers, a potential red light goes on.

Yes 9 is the humanitarian and leadership number. Plus it attracts abundance. But in big doses, it can inflate the Ego.

To make matters more complicated ‘Timothy Geithner' adds up to 12/3. So he will at times feel victimized. This isn't an easy number to carry around for a lifetime.

Even the shortened ‘Tim Geithner' is a challenging 11 name. I recommend he insists on using ‘Timothy F. Geithner' at all times from now on. It would at least help him weather what could be a stormy four years on the job.

The other two men mentioned in today's news flashes have similar challenges.

John Thain, ousted former CEO of Merrill Lynch was fired from Bank of America on January 22. Yesterday he apologized for remodeling his former new office.

His name ‘John Thain' is a 16/7 and indicates ‘a man with a crown on his head being struck by lightning and falling from a high place.'

One reason he's under fire this month is because January is a 25/7 Personal Month for him. Notice the 7 lines up with his challenging 16/7 name. This is how numbers come alive. They activate each other.

When you have a challenging name it will often come to a head when the numbers' recipe is activated by your personal cycles.

Notice that this morning Andrew Cuomo subpoenas Thain. He supposedly paid bonuses to Merrill Lynch employees in the days before its takeover by Bank of America.

Why is today important. Because for John Thain it's a 34/7 Day. The triple 7 I- a triple whammy tied to his 16/7 name.

In case you didn't know, these compensation practices are happening at companies who are benefiting from the 700 billyon bailout.

We are seeing a domino effect here. As more dominos fall, more is revealed. That is the nature of the ‘gateway' 11 Universal Year we are all experiencing in 2009. 11 is a gateway to Truth. Walk through boldly into the unknown and you reap rewards. Stick to outdated, old patterns, and you will be prompted to face your actions.

Now for our final morning news flash about Arthur Nadel.

He's been called the ‘Mini-Madoff' for good reason. Nadel is a Florida hedge fund manager who vanished earlier this month. Investors in his company could be out 350 millyon.

Arthur Nadel has an 11 current name. The ancient Chaldeans said this number represents two opposing energies which need to be united. Often a person with an 11 name will feel divided. Treachery, interference and stubbornness can all lead to a feeling of disharmony.

What about New York's attorney general, Andrew Cuomo. His name resonates to the Media Number, 14/5. It's a great vibration for him.

Even though there's a strong pattern of change with this number, indicating occasional changes in partners and business, the benefits truly outweigh the occasional bumps. After all 5 is about risk.

A good name is never to be underestimated.

Your name is your calling card. You use it all day. You and others sound it out. Your current name is also the activator of your blueprint.

So be sure you have a fortunate name. Go to

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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