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Well, well. John Edwards finally
admits to something we've known for a long time.


The question is why now?


Is there something in his current
cycles that makes him want to ‘come clean'?




Two important numbers are
prompting him to set the record straight.


If you recall, the John Edwards
affair with Rielle Hunter story broke on 8.8.2008, a 26/8 Universal Day in a
17/8 Personal Year for the former Senator.


17/8 is the ‘Immortality Number.'
This means that Edwards – who at the time was one of three candidates
considered for the Democratic Presidential ticket – will be immortalized in
history books for his affair more than anything else he accomplished.


Furthermore, his current name
‘John Edwards' adds up to 16/7. This name number indicates ‘a person with a
crown on his head who is struck by lightning and falls from a high place.'


Not a good number to have as your
calling card.


When combined with Edwards'
88/16/7 Destiny Number – which describes the circumstance of your career – you
can see how he was confronted big-time back on 8.8.08 and fell from grace.
Career over.


Here's why he is trying to clean
the slate right now by admitting he fathered a child with Rielle.


2010 begins a whole new 9-year
cycle for Edwards. It's a beginning for him. But in order to move forward he
must release his past.


Secondly, January is an 11
Personal Month for Edwards, and that means confronting the truth.


Remember 2009 was an 11 Universal
Year for us all. I described the 11 cycle as two pillars of TRUTH through which
you walk into the unknown.


Well this combination for Edwards –
the 1 Personal Year kicking of a new 9-year period and his 11 Personal Month – means
one thing. He must set the record straight or he won't be able to move forward.


Of course he has a tall order in
front of him. Integrity is not a word that brings to mind John Edwards by any
stretch of the imagination.


Additionally, he still has his
highly problematic current name number. So life will never be easy.


In Edwards case, his 16 name
happens to attract a sudden fall from a high place. Other challenging name
numbers will attract different obstacles depending on what the numbers


For example, one of my clients was
using a name that did not work well with her birthday.


I asked her if she had issues with
people using the lower echelons of magic against her.


She gasped and said, “Yes, that
has been my main problem all my life.”


Once I explained that the
combination of her birthday and her current name could attract dark magic,
hypnosis or mental suggestion, my client was incredibly excited and relieved.
Excited because I touched on something she has been battling for years.


And relieved since the energy could
be shifted by making just a slight change in the spelling of her name.


It may sound strange, but it is
really quite simple.


Your name has a vibration and a
frequency. The vibration is heard and felt – the frequency is revealed in the
number. Some vibrations and frequencies are supportive, harmonious and
powerful. And others attract challenges.


This is why having a fortunate
current name number is so important.


If anything, a good name makes
your life more effortless and joyful. Check the frequency of your current name


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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