Mickey Rourke is back enjoying success after some recent ups and downs. His numbers are doing a lot of talking.

Rourke just won a Golden Glove for his leading role in ‘The Wrestler' and is nominated for an Academy Award. He has a great chance of winning an Oscar next month. Many of his most important numbers are activated on the very day Oscar statues are handed out.

And 2009 is a 27/9 Personal Year for Rourke – which happens to be a great number for him.

So why the ups and downs in his career. Mickey Rourke has a volatile combination in his blueprint. His current name is a 13/4, indicating genius as well as upheaval. His Day of birth is on the 16th.

This recipe means his life is completely unpredictable.

Rourke's acting career eventually became overshadowed by his personal life. He made eccentric career decisions. Directors felt it difficult to work with him. One English director, Alan Parker, said ‘working with Mickey is a nightmare. He is very dangerous on the set because you never know what he is going to do.'

Interestingly, Rourke was close friends with Tupac Shakur, also born on the 16th. Tupac had a prominent 13 AND a 31 in his blueprint too. He was truly a genius.

16 indicates a person with a crown on his head being hit by lightning and falling from a high place. Ups and downs are common. I call it the ‘Lincoln' number. Abraham Lincoln is a 16 name – Lincoln was also the 16th President.

So combinations really matter. And the combo of 13 and 16 can bring success, but isn't easy.

For some 13 is a good current name number. But rarely. 13 is associated with power. It represents regeneration and transformation. If this power is used for selfish reasons, destruction follows.

On the other hand, if you adapt to change gracefully, you can tap into the ingenious quality of this intriguing vibration. 13 is associated with explorers, new discoveries and breaking the orthodox. It's a politically incorrect vibration. And a few people thrive on its meaning.

If you have this number in your blueprint, you can probably relate.

For Mickey Rourke though, the combination of the 13 current name with his 16 Day of Birth makes life more challenging.

How can he keep his power and presence in tact AND feel more at peace?

I recommend Mickey Rourke remove one letter from his first name and respell it ‘Micky Rourke.' The result – an amazing and fortunate name number  – 17/8. This new spelling would immortalize his performances and leave Rourke's leading man status in tact.

The 8 also attracts abundance. 17 is a highly fortunate name number for him. Best of all, he will feel calmer and happier.

I always take your COMPLETE ‘recipe' of numbers into account while creating your ‘Is My Name Fortunate' report. It's why I don't believe in computerized blueprints.

Find out what Your current name is activating in your life. Are you supported by the name you use every day.

Two ways to find out.

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Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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