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is the 23rd, a 5 Universal Day.


full date, 3.23.2011, adds up to 12/3. Notice how both numbers sit on a rocker.
This means 3 and 5 are both more flexible and changeable in nature.


5 is
one of those numbers – you either love it, or fear it. Because anything goes when
you're under the 5 influence.


looking at my occasional apprehension about number 5, I realized what was
holding me back.


is the fact that 5 stands for Change. 5 is literally a pivot point. Centered
right in the middle of numbers 1 and 9, it even faces both directions. This
shows that ALL possibilities are open to you at any given moment. All your 5
senses are active and awake.


one reason why many great athletes have a major 5 in their birth blueprint. Earlier
this month interviewed me about the number 5.


5 is
a magnet, not only for Change but also for attracting people. Particularly,
life-changing experiences with people.


you have a 5 cycle activated in your personal numbers, you have a huge
opportunity to find answers, particularly by connecting to others. You will
find more than ever, that the people in your life are reflecting the truth back
to you.


felt this very clearly recently when I was confronted with a sudden change in
my life.


change involved other people and happened during a 5 personal cycle for me. It
was a huge pivot point. One that awakened me so much, I learned about freedom
like never before.


brings me to the second message of the number 5 – Freedom.


someone or something attempts to take away your freedom, they restrict the
natural expression of love. Love IS freedom. When love is restricted, it only
follows that your soul is held captive by fear.


the wonderful gift of the number 5 is to rebel against limitation and
boundaries. 5 always asks you to be fearless. And in doing so, you are free to


Bach said ‘Listen to what you Know instead of what you fear.'


famous acronym is F.E.A.R. – ‘False Evidence Appearing Real', attributed either
to Zig Ziglar or Neale Donald Walsh. Fear is false – it is not who you are.
Meaning, our souls are created in Love, not fear. So once we deny any false
evidence appearing real, we are Free.


is the opposite force to Truth.


the 23rd, also activates the frequency that the ancients called ‘The
Royal Star of the Lion.'


true strength of the lion is victory over fear and union with your soul.


the 23/5 energy tomorrow and Anytime to create fearlessness in your life. Our
natural state of being is to live a life without boundaries.


special guest at the ‘Prosperity Power' Seminar, hand analyst Baeth Davis, is
an amazing person. She understands and lives the 5 frequency through and through.


takes risks, where others will not. Her life of freedom and abundance is a
testament to her actions. When Baeth gets up and speaks, you are infused with freedom.
Like all great teachers, she inspires you to feel unlimited, eternal and free.
Her life is an example of what she teaches.


April Baeth and I are focusing on creating prosperity – because in doing so
consciously, you free yourself from self-limiting boundaries.


do your fingerprints and birth numbers show the same story, the same Life


qualities and talents make you unique?


is your personal Wealth Formula and how can you use it to help you experience
freedom and prosperity like never before?


In five
weeks you can go on a grand exploration of your own Prosperity Power.


Transform your life and register here now.


With Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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