Much has been written about the
oil dispersant used by BP – Corexit 9500.


It is a highly toxic chemical that
will continue to have a disastrous impact on the Gulf region.


When you add up the numbers for
9500, the total comes to 14/5.


It is important to note that the United
States is activating the very same number in 2010 – the U.S. is in a 14/5
personal year.


Any 5 cycle brings sudden,
unexpected events, twists and turns that keep you on your toes at all times. Number
5 means making quick decisions and taking risks.


The 14 preceding the 5 brings
another very important ingredient – 14 is the Media Number.


Therefore, the U.S. will be
featured on the world media stage even more than usual this year – particularly
concerning stories about unforeseen changes and risks.


I wanted to know more about the
deeper implications revealed in the name ‘Corexit'. So I created lexigrams.


To make a lexigam you take the
letters of a name or phrase, make new words called anagrams, and then create phrases
with those anagrams. These phrases reveal hidden symbols, clues and secrets.


For example, ‘North' contains the
words ‘not' and ‘hot'. One lexigram for North is therefore ‘Not Hot.' The word
‘South' contains the words ‘so' and ‘hot', creating a lexigram phrase of ‘so


Now look at some of the lexigrams
revealed in the name ‘Corexit' –







These lexigrams point to the
negative impact of this highly toxic chemical.


One of the states affected by the
Gulf Oil spill is Florida. In 2010 there is a potent recipe of numbers being
activated for the Sunshine State.


Florida is the 27th
State of the Union. 27 reduces to 9.


Florida was founded in 1845, the
45th year of that century. 45 reduces to 9.


In 2010 Florida is in a 9 Personal


The number 9 is highly significant
to Florida, a state that was born on March 3. Both the month and the day are
the same – 3 – a frequency that multiplied by itself equals 9. Additionally, 3
and 9 are in the 3-6-9 triad of emotional numbers.


Most importantly – 9 symbolizes
culmination and endings.


Florida is where people go to
retire – spending their final years in warmth. This is a great symbol of how
the number 9 of endings is reflected by what the state represents.


In a current cycle, the number 9
signifies finality and major transitions. For Florida this number is
particularly important because it activates the state's birth blueprint in a
very emotional way.


We are currently in the month of
July. For Florida, July 2010 is a 16/7 Personal Month. Coupled with Florida's 9
Personal Year, this numbers' recipe is highly volatile. In a current cycle, 16/7
symbolizes a sudden strike of lightning. If you don't listen to your intuition,
the result is often ‘a fall from a high place'.


With the current Gulf oil crisis, the
combination of 9 and 16/7 indicates a greater possibility of a disruptive,
unforeseen event.


As this story progresses it is
vital to stay focused, aware and grounded.


Be sure your current name carries
a positive frequency, so that you are supported during rapid times of change.


A fortunate name brings peace of


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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you order your ‘Personal Numerology Blueprint‘ – the most comprehensive and
detailed report about your life there is.


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