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I am just listening to the theme
from ‘Out of Africa' – such beautiful music composed by the great John Barry.


Barry is best known for his James
Bond 007 soundtracks, including the famous theme music. He wrote some of the
most timeless, memorable movie scores ever – for films such as Dances With
Wolves, Born Free, Midnight Cowboy and Somewhere in Time.


I know first hand that Hollywood
film musicians loved performing his lush, gorgeous and riveting orchestral


The mastery in his music is


Not surprisingly, his incredible
talent shows up in his personal numerology – both in his birth numbers and the
day he passed away.


John Barry was born on 11.3.1933.


Notice the many 1's and 3's – both
are the numbers for originality and creativity.


Also, he has two master numbers in
the date of his birth, the 11th month and the 33rd year
of the century.


Another two master numbers show up
on the day he died.


John Barry was 77 years old.


He passed away in the 11th
year of this century.


The 77 is also notable for another
reason. Add the two 7s in this master number and you get 14/5 – the Media
Number. His 77 years on Earth show his life of mastery occurred in the Media,
namely movies, television and records.


There are two more striking


John Barry was born on the 3rd
and his Life Purpose Number – which is derived from adding up each digit in
your full birthday – was 21/3.


Thus he had a Double 3 – the
frequency of self-expression, creativity, and uplifting others. He certainly
embodied those very qualities in his life's work. Interestingly, but not
surprising – the number 3 shows up two times on the day he passed.


Sunday, January 30, was the day he
died. 30 reduces to 3.


On Sunday John Barry had a 3
Personal Day.


Also note that the 1st
month of January and the 11th year of the century tie into the other
prevalent number in his birthday – the number 1.


So, both the numbers 1 and 3 of
his birthday were active on the day he completed his life on Earth.


His Destiny Number 103, derived
from your name at birth, also embodied the 1 and 3.


What this shows is that John Barry
fulfilled his Life Purpose and Destiny while he was alive. He rose to the
occasion – working long hours to activate and cultivate his mastery. The result
– he created beautiful, original, mesmerizing music to nourish the soul.


Isn't it fitting then, that his
name ‘John Barry' adds up to a highly fortunate 17/8.


17 is the ‘Immortality Number' and
signifies leaving behind lasting legacy. John Barry has certainly done that
through music.


He left this world a better place.
May we all strive to do the same.





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