What a big week it's been. Feels like a few month's worth of stories were compressed into the last seven days.

Let's begin with Gustav. The numbers for this hurricane forecast a big impact. Not only on residents of the central Gulf coast, but the name and numbers for this hurricane also tied into America's Blueprint.

Gustav did impact the U.S. – in a different way than I expected.

The hurricane hit the mouth of the Mississippi on the eve of the Republican Convention. A convention which took place near other end of the Mississippi river – in St. Paul, Minnesota. Republicans responded to the threat of Gustav by revamping their schedule. Bush and Cheney bowed out. You could sense a big sigh of relief.

So while Gustav caused challenges in the Gulf, I suspect many Republicans secretly gave thanks.

Over 2 million people fled the storm, and some will never return. They may thank their lucky stars in the future.

Right before the hurricane became news, we witnessed Barack Obama's big acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention. His most important night coincided with the 45th anniversary of the March on Washington and Martin Luther King's ‘I Have A Dream' speech. Obama's dream of becoming the first African American President seemed within reach.

Then – a surprise. Sarah Palin entered the media three-ring-circus with a bang less than 12 hours later. Along with another story which broke at the  same time. Hurricane Gustav.

A few days later, Palin stole the show at the Republican Convention. She eclipsed the nominee for President. In fact, last night mentioning Sarah got the biggest ovation during McCain's acceptance speech.

The timing of Hurricane Gustav and the Sarah Palin VP announcement on Friday is no coincidence. Just a clue.

This double storyline took Obama out of the news. Interesting how Palin resembles the hurricane that accompanied her introduction to the world. Her calm, smiling demeanor masks a powerful swirling warrior nature. Palin has already changed the tone of the election more than McCain. In just a few days.

In case you're wondering where I stand – I belong to neither party. Haven't for a long time. Yes, there was one candidate I responded to yet I didn't mention this person much, since the numbers weren't favorable in 2008.

Enough about me – here's a more in-depth look at some of Sarah Palin's personal numbers. The more I spend time with her blueprint, the more I realize why she will be a force now and in the future.

As my upcoming book explains, current and upcoming events surrounding the election will polarize the country. This is where Palin is and will continue to play a part.

I mentioned yesterday that her name adds up to a 12/3 in the Chaldean system – and that 12 is known as the ‘victim' number. What I did not mention is that someone with this name can also identify for others what it feels like to be a victim – and use it in a powerful way.

The difference between most people and Sarah Palin and Al Gore, who also has the 12 name, is – Gore and Palin have national platforms.

Al Gore has used his platform to promote the dangers of Global warming. Notice in his film ‘An Inconvenient Truth', planet Earth is the victim. Gore directly taps into the symbolic nature of his name.

As for Sarah Palin, here's what may happen during the next 61 days.

IF the U.S. starts a war with Iran before the election, count on Palin to paint America as a victim in order to garner support for any military action.

You see, she understands the symbolism.

Consider that the recipe of numbers for the Republican VP candidate has a common thread –  two thirds of them reflect the vibrations of ‘fate and destiny'. As a result, Palin could be more aggressive in the name of security than John McCain – if given the chance.

To give you an idea whereof I speak, consider the following numbers.

She is born on the 11th which connects her to McCain's two 11s. This is a Master Number of leadership, originality and intuitive gifts. 11 can also indicate inner division or outer divisiveness.

Palin has a 24/6 Life Purpose showing her love of parenting and giving her the qualities as a respected advisor. This number also comes with a dose of luck. 24 imparts her a magnetic personality and powers of suggestion over other people. Qualities many leaders would want.

Now couple these two numbers with the following four.

Sarah Palin has three 4s and one 8 – these are the numbers of ‘fate and destiny' I just mentioned. Meaning, two thirds of her Personal Blueprint deeply connects to the numbers for the United States, which is born on the 4th. Remember – 4 and 8 are magnetically attracted to each other.

Yesterday I wrote briefly of Palin's 8 Destiny Number, derived from her birth name. You see, the day of her speech was an 8 Personal Day for her – and so her Destiny was activated on Wednesday.

Obama too had his own Destiny number activated on August 28 helping him give a hugely popular and well-received speech. McCain and Biden, respectively, did not have their Destiny Numbers activated on their important days.

It's another indication that the tone of the election could be set by Obama and Palin – not McCain or Biden.

In the future I'll also show you how much Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan have in common. Let's just say for now that they share all the SAME numbers.  

Next time you hear from me I promise the topic will not be politics. I'm glad the conventions are over.

As for you, my guess is you'd rather not attract challenges because of your current name. You want peace of mind and a sense of deep happiness which arises from feeling abundance in every part of your life.

So activate your destiny positively and quickly – with a fortunate name.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. A new numerology weather report on Hurricane Ike will be issued shortly. Meanwhile check the forecast that matters most – YOUR next 12 months.

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