Of course there will be tons of media coverage on Inauguration Day. You'll able to watch from anywhere.

TV, the internet, your cell phone, even movie theaters are streaming live. People will be communicating about the event across the internet. No Wonder – 1.20.2009 adds up to the Media Number – 14/5.

And 5 is about change. A tipping point in time. Adventure, risk and unexpected events.

What's more, look at these other extraordinary double digit Master Numbers. They are ALL activated with President Obama's arrival at the White House.

His is the 56th Inaugural – 56/11.

President  Obama will be the 44th President.

He will be working with the 111th Congress.

2009 is an 11 Universal Year.

Obama's Life Purpose is 11.

Michelle Obama's Life Purpose is 11.

That is a large amount of Master Numbers. Notice the many 11s and the 111th Congress.

Since 11 is a gateway into the unknown, and represents Light, we can expect decisions which lead to darkness or light.

The darkness occurs when there is division. This is why 11 looks like a gateway. Walk through the two pillars, and you will transcend your fears.

If anything the 11 asks us to stop blaming and judging others causing more division. Rather we are to compromise, allow our differences to live side by side and, most importantly, focus on our own words and actions.

The other number, 44/8 plays a role as well.

On Saturday I was reminded that Michelle Obama's Birthday is on Jan. 17th. Both she and Barack Obama have 17/8 current names. That's the ‘Immortality' number, ensuring they are leaving a legacy behind. Amazingly, Obama's 44th Presidency also reduces to 8.

Plus Inauguration Day is a 26/8 Personal Day for President Obama. That's a lot of 8s. They indicate leadership and gaining strength by overcoming major hurdles. Many great athletes thrive on this number. 8 also has a fateful quality.

Then there's his new current name ‘President Obama' – a challenging 52/7 in the ancient Chaldean system.

No doubt he's entering the arena having to solve a major economic crisis. Yet these new numbers indicate upcoming events may be challenging as well. President Obama will have to tap into his immense intuitive powers indicated in his 11 Life Purpose.

Finally, today is Martin Luther King Day. It's fitting to remember that Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech on August 28, 2008. The anniversary of MLK's ‘I Have A Dream' speech.

Look at the many 1s activated here. The 28th was a 1 Day. For Obama it was a 1 Personal Day tying into his 1 Destiny. And 2008 was a 1 Universal Year.

Additionally, King and Obama share the 1 and 11, which are mirrored in reverse in their blueprints.

All these 1s tell a story. 1 represents Beginnings.  It is a highly original number. 1 is independent and self-confident, strong-willed and diplomatic. The flipside of 1 is abuse of power, indecisiveness, loss and selfishness.

Interestingly, Inauguration Day in the United States always takes place in the 1st month of the year. And elections in the 11th month.

Inauguration Day tomorrow will be an historic event. One the history books will remember forever.

Very fitting for the new first lady and her husband. After all, both Michelle and Barack Obama have ‘Immortality' names.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Not every fortunate name number is a good fit for everyone. Find out whether your name is helping you.

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