Elvis Presley is an American icon. His music is loved my millions and
his persona is still channeled by Presley impersonators across the U.S.


The other day I received this interesting
question about Elvis on my Facebook page.


Hi Tania,


‘I've been reading your
interesting emails and wondered about name changes. I am not a big follower of
Elvis Presley but you got me wondering — he started off as Elvis Presley and
was a big star and then he changed and became addicted to drugs and all that.
By that time he was just Elvis. It would be interesting to see the difference
the name change made — if it effected what happened to him he would have
better off to keep his last name firmly attached.


‘Have a great one,'



Elvis' name played a big factor in his short, tumultuous life. Especially when
you connect the dots to his birth blueprint.


look at his early life.


you know that
Elvis is
a distant cousin of President Jimmy Carter. He is also a direct descendant of Abraham
Lincoln's great-great grandfather, Isaiah Harrison. Interesting genes.


Presley had a very challenging childhood. He was an
identical twin and his brother was stillborn. Described as a shy, polite,
mumbling boy, Elvis initially had terrible stage fright. After he became famous
in the mid 1950s, he enlisted in the army and worried people would forget about


As Presley's fame grew his mother began drinking heavily.
Then, on August 14, 1958 she died of heart failure at age 46. Presley was


Months later, a sergeant introduced Elvis to amphetamines. It
was 1958, a 5 Personal Year for Elvis. 5 rules adventure, unforeseen events and
risk. This number represents the 5 senses. His mother's passing could have
triggered Elvis to explore drugs that year.


His addiction and the doctors who surrounded him are an
eerie reminder of what can happen in the glare of fame.


Elvis was born on an 8 Day. This number gave him a natural
instinct to survive and rise to the top by overcoming obstacles. It is referred
to as the ‘Executive' number. Many athletes have it.


Here's where it gets interesting. Elvis' Life Purpose Number
was a highly fortunate 27/9 and his Destiny another fortunate 81/9. This Double
9 gave him humanitarian and leadership qualities as well as a gift of of self


On the other hand, the double 9 also indicates the
possibility for a very large ego.


Of course, Elvis was a huge celebrity, and surrounded by the
so-called ‘Memphis Mafia'. This alone would have fueled this tendency.


Unfortunately, Presley's current name fueled it as well.


elvis presley.jpg

‘Elvis Presley' adds up to 18/9 – again bestowing tremendous
leadership abilities. Yet, an 18 name number comes with many warnings.


In addition to leadership, 18 names symbolize materialism
wanting to destroy the spiritual side of nature. It warns of deception from
friends and enemies.


Amazingly, Elvis could not escape the challenges of his name
number when he was just referred to as ‘Elvis.'


This is because ‘Elvis' ALSO adds up to 18/9.


In combination with his powerful 9 Life Purpose and 9 Destiny
– and his 8 Day of Birth – this name would have also attracted instable,
deceptive people and experiences into his life. Mixing power, ego, fame and
instability is never a good idea.


These 9s also made Elvis tremendously sensitive and psychic.


So did the major letters in his name.


The E in Elvis wants to Explore, has a lot of Energy and
brings Excitement. Look at how E begins Entertainment.


The P in Presley symbolizes power and psychic abilities. This
power is activated in the words Pope and President.


I will be going into incredible detail about the importance
of letters in my ‘Secrets and Mysteries' seminar this March.


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Warmest Regards,

 Tania Gabrielle

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