This morning my daughter Claire wanted more than her usual hugs and kisses. Of course I happily obliged.

She's sitting on my lap as I'm writing this.

And so I decided to look at the numerology of three words – Gratitude, Love and Thanksgiving.

I was amazed at what I found. Whether in the Pythagorean or Ancient Chaldean system, EACH of the names added up to either 3, 6 or 9. This 3-6-8 trilogy is referred to by numerologists as the ‘feeling' and 'emotional' triad of numbers.

‘Gratitude' resonates to 3 and 6. ‘Love' adds up to 3 and 9. And ‘Thanksgiving' resonates to 3 and 6 – just like Gratitude.

3 stands for joy and self expression. 6 for the cosmic parent, home and compassion. And 9 represents love and the humanitarian leader.

All three symbolize the deep feelings we have towards family, friends, our home, our fellow human beings and our life on earth.

Did you notice how all three names add up to 3 in one of the two systems? 3 is the vibration of expressing happiness and uplifting others. This inevitably elicits joy, gratitude and love.

The magic of these three numbers extends beyond as well. We have 24/6 hours in a day, 12/3 months in a year, 12 inches in a foot, 36/9 inches in a yard and 360/9 degrees in a circle. This is fitting since 9 also represents completion.

The other day I heard a quote that touched me to the core. It went something like this:”

“The Love you withhold is the pain that you carry.”

Yes, yes, yes. This is one reason I drop everything when Claire wants to wrap herself around me. And make sure Clay and I have our weekly date-nights.

It's also why I treasure our national holiday of Thanksgiving.

Gratitude and Love are intimately related. When you feel love you feel gratitude. And when you feel gratitude, you open your heart.

I am grateful to be sharing my life with you.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Tania Gabrielle

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