Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the Dow's all time high over 14,000.

Last night I began to fit the different pieces of the puzzle together. What I noticed when looking at the past weeks, are the many appearances of the number 7.

Then I also checked out the timing.

The world is in an 11 Universal Month right now. This 11 and that other number – 7 – are cropping up a lot lately.

First came the 700 billyon bailout for Wall Street banksters.

Then, the 777 drop in the Dow 11 days ago.

A 7 percent drop in the Dow yesterday.

A 7 percent drop in the Dow 11 days ago on September 29, an 11 Day.

The Dow has dropped for 7 straight days.

The Group of 7 meet at the Treasury Department in Washington this afternoon.

The upcoming Election occurs on a 16/7 date.

With this trend, there is a possibility the next ‘7' event will be the Dow falling into the low to mid 7,000s.

As I'm writing this on Thursday evening a great email came in from one of the readers of this e-newsletter. Since it ties directly into what I'm writing about now, I'd like to share it with you.

‘Hi Tania,

‘I appreciate what you do. I wanted to add to your 9/30/08 email about the 777.68 DJIA drop on 9/29/08. I noticed that if you take the decimal amount portion of .68 and add them up and divide by 2, you get 7. So the DJIA drop could be rounded to 777.7.

‘I also wanted to note that I thought it was of interest, at least to me, that today's DJIA drop of 678.91 could be looked at in sequence as 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 on the date of October 9, 2008, or, in reverse order, as 10/09/08. I'm wondering if there's any significance in that, or just purely coincidence.'

Bill R.

Thanks for that Bill. Really great observations.

As I've said, nothing is a coincidence with numbers – everything is a clue. It's a matter of understanding the language and interpreting these clues. Right now the clues are numerous. When there's repetition, I take notice.

When you notice a sequence and that sequence mirrors itself in the date on which it occurs – that's a strong sign.

Here's what I mean.

678.91 is a sequence. And so is 10/09/08. They partly mirror each other.

One of the messages is this. The energy of this global event is gathering steam and coming to a head. Any mirroring within a sequence of numbers indicates power.

The numbers on Wall Street give us an amazing story line.

I'm going to add one more 7 to the list above. Today, the NY Stock Exchange is experiencing a 7 Personal Day.

The recipe of 7s here, in combination with the other numbers mentioned, tells a compelling story. Which ties right into Election Day. In the same way your numbers will always tell you how to prepare and take advantage of any trend in your life.

So let's look at today's date, 10.10.2008.

2008 also adds up to 10 So we have a very powerful day. 10 is the number of Instant Manifestation. In essence, today is a triple Instant Manifestation Day.

Today's triple 10 is all about taking action.

Once you know and understand your most important personal numbers you can unlock the key to your present and future.

See your numbers in action. Understand how they get activated every day, month and year.

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With Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. To see numerology in action for the last 233 years of U.S. history leading up to the November Election, read the book that's making waves.

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