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Today I'm writing about a man who
had the courage to speak out. You will see, I do feel strongly about what
happened as a result.


On August 8, Matthew Simmons – one
of the world's top oil experts and the most outspoken critic of the U.S. and
BP's handling of the Gulf of Mexico oil leak catastrophe – died. The official
cause of death is that he drowned in his hot-tub. 


I have a hard time believing that.
Here is why.


Simmons, founder of the Ocean Energy
Institute, led a 3-month courageous stance against the powers in both
government and big oil about their official reports on the Gulf Oil disaster.


He was interviewed often on MSNBC,
CNBC, Bloomberg, and other cable channels. At the same time, big media tried to
discredit him by calling Simmons ‘Mr. Doom.'


When asked what would he do if he
lived along the Gulf, Simmons replied candidly, “either evacuate or wear a gas


At that time he was responding
about the effect of the oil only.


As for the highly toxic chemical
dispersant, Corexit – it is banned in the European Union. Almost all the
clean-up workers from the Exxon Valdez oil spill, minor by comparison, are now
dead. Their average life-span was 51.


Simmons called the BP oil spill
the worst environmental disaster in human history. He said there is a massive
cover-up of what happened, and is still occurring now.


He was a so-called ‘whistleblower',
and told it as he saw it.


Just too much coincidence here. It's
why I am of the personal opinion that Matt Simmons did not die of natural
causes. You can draw your own conclusions.


His numbers tell a compelling


First, Simmons has two major 7s in
his birth blueprint – a 7 Day of Birth and a 79/16/7 Destiny. This double 7
indicates he was privy to secrets and he knew how to keep them. Many secret
service agents have at least one 7 in their blueprint.


He also was voracious in his
thirst for knowledge.


7 symbolizes lightning and intuition. People with this vibration can also feel a spiritual quest to speak out and reveal their secret knowledge.


Simmons' 79/16/7 Destiny
indicates, at some time in his life he may attract a sudden event or series of
events. They are symbolized by being ‘struck by lightning and falling from a
high place'. Since the Destiny Number describes the nature of your career, I
believe that Matt Simmons dramatic ‘fall from a high place' came in relation to
his work.


His third of three important
numbers is a 1 Life Purpose. This means Matt Simmons had all his major numbers
in the ‘Mind' trilogy of 1-5-7.


That's important because, in 2010
Simmons was in a 14/5 Personal Year, which completes his personal 1-5-7 triad.


ALSO, note that 14/5 is the Media Number.


So it is no surprise that Matt Simmons
was appearing all over television, radio and the newspapers in 2010. He became
an internet celebrity for courageously speaking up in support of the Gulf and
its residents during the last three months before his death.


Now we must look at his two names.


‘Matthew Simmons' resonates to
20/2 – a neutral number. However, the name most often used to address him was
‘Matt Simmons'.


‘Matt Simmons' adds up to a 13/4
in the ancient Chaldean system I use for your current name.


13/4 shows genius, but in a
current name it also attracts sudden, transformative events. There is always a
warning of the unknown and unexpected. So I don't recommend 13 names to my


Especially because, when combined
with other 4s or 8s – whether in a date, person, address, phone number and so
on – 4 and 8 current names attract challenges.


Here is how Matt Simmons' name
number interacted with current numbers in his life on the day he died.


1. The date, 8.8. 2010. has a
double 8.


2. Matt Simmons was in a 22/4
Personal Month in August.


3. Simmons was 67 years old – a
number which reduces to 13/4.


So the date, his Personal Month
and his age created a major triple activation of his 13/4 current name.


This trigger does NOT mean he was
supposed to die on August 8.


What it does indicate is that his death
was fateful or karmic. Combining a 4 or 8 current name with 4s and 8s that are active
in your current life, will attract fateful events far more easily than any
other number combination.


The 8.8 also indicates his death
was tied in some way to wealth. As in big oil wealth.


Finally, his company, ‘Ocean
Energy Institute' resonates to 12/3 – a frequency symbolizing the ‘Victim


Challenging names are a magnet for
unnecessary obstacles and challenges.


No matter who you are or what you
do, projecting a positive name frequency to the world will support, enhance and
protect you.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. For more on Matt Simmons,
watch this interview on Bloomberg TV – 

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