Do you think the date for
Valentine's Day was chosen at random. Not according to numerology.


Valentine's Day always falls in
February, the 2nd month of the year.


Since 2 symbolizes relationships,
cooperation, and communication – it's a perfect choice to celebrate love.


But what about the 14th?


If you notice, 14 reduces to the
number 5. This is significant, since 5 rules the 5 senses.


Touch, smell, vision, hearing and


When we love someone, the 5 senses
play a major role. And for Valentine's Day, the sight of your beloved, the
color and scent of roses, the taste of chocolate, the sound of your loved one's
voice, a tender kiss – all contribute to the full use of these senses and make
the day sensual.


What if you were born on the 5th,
14th or 23rd, or have a 5 Life Purpose or Destiny Number.


If one of the numbers in
your birth blueprint is a 5, you are born to explore. You love feeling those 5
senses in action.


Sometimes that can mean going overboard
with food or drink. Since number 5 rules excitement, thrill, change and
adventure, it's important to not get off-balance.


Look how the 5 faces left at the
bottom and right at the top and sits on a rocker. This vibration is always
moving, exploring, searching for freedom.


Anyone who's been in love knows it
feels thrilling – like you're on a high.


So it makes absolute sense to
celebrate the thrill and joy of sharing your love with your special someone on
the February 14th every year.


It's also important to make sure
you and your partner are in a harmonious relationship.


Numerology is a great way to check whether two people are compatible. Not just two lovers, but any relationship –
professional or personal.

As for you and your partner,  Are your numbers in love?

It's always easier when your
partnerships are in Harmony, not in Conflict. And numbers will give you amazing clues about all the relationships in your life.


Here's wishing you and yours a
wonderful Valentine's Day,

Tania Gabrielle

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