A moderate quake shook Southern California yesterday and was felt all the way to Las Vegas and the Mexico border.

Having lived in Southern California for 15 years I know what an earthquake around 5 feels like. That was my first – and only – experience of a moderate quake. Happily, I missed the big Northridge shaker because I was in Dallas with my husband at the time. He was performing there in January of 1994.

I had a concert of my own back home in Los Angeles six days after that earthquake struck.  So I had booked a flight from Dallas to LAX in the weeks before. It landed on January 18 a day after the earthquake. I was stunned  when I saw the deserted streets while driving from the airport and thanked my lucky stars.

My own experience came when I was living on the third floor of a condo in 1989. The quake struck early in the morning and, believe me I was pretty shook up. The East Coast and London were my only previous homes prior to that experience.

So I sympathize with all the non-natives in Southern Cal. Luckily for them it was only a wake-up call. There is a numerological message connected to yesterday's tremblor I'd like to share with you.

Having just completed my book on how the numbers in U.S. history affect the November Election, I've had a good look at how historical events are intricately connected through numbers.

So I was particularly curious about the numbers signified by the time, date and magnitude of yesterday's quake. After seeing the recipe of numbers I knew they might be forecasting an event in the near future. A 5.8 quake downgraded to 5.4 magnitude at 11:42 am on the 29th of July is significant for three reasons.

1. The time of the earthquake activates the number 11 both for the time on the clock, namely the 11th hour of the morning, as well as the Day, July 29 which reduces to 11. This is a number which can signify great division and separation, which is precisely what a fault line does. It separates, opening up a rift. There is another deeper side to this Master Number. 11 symbolizes an open gateway towards greater understanding and wisdom.

2. Every earthquake relieves stress. The Number 42 for the Ancient Egyptians signified a completion of a 42 year cycle. This means a turning of the tides, leaving the old behind by releasing the past. The 5.4 magnitude adds up to 9. When I see this number in a current cycle, meaning a date or time, it represents the ending of a cycle and the release of everything which is no longer useful. So these two numbers, 42 and 9, are very connected. In fact 42 reduces to 6 which is the number of your home. What is more affected than the structures we live in when the earth shakes.

3. Adding all the digits in 11:42 am results in the number 8. And the original magnitude reported yesterday was 5.8 which reduces to 13/4. This is where the fateful nature of the earthquake comes in. 8 and 4 are magnetically and fatefully connected.

So, I'm gathering, the next big one won't be 30 years from now. The timeline is more like months to within four years from yesterday's quake.

There's much more I can say about the Number 8, including how it ties into the 1994 Northridge quake which occurred on January 17 – an 8 Day. In fact, I'll be talking more about this powerful number before the Olympics get started next week. China is banking its success on activating this powerful and fateful number.

The 4 or 8 may be affecting your life as well. If one of the important numbers in your Personal Numerology Blueprint is 4 or 8, I make sure your current allows you to BENEFIT from the immense resources these two numbers bring into your life.

You see these are numbers anyone would want. As long as ancient laws are followed. It's the complete recipe of your numbers profile that matters. So I always look at the whole picture.

Your current name allows me to adjust these ingredients and create a masterpiece for you.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle