In this time of crisis for Japan
and her people, let us focus on the healing power of Love.


Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we have
here. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and 
acceptance of love back into our hearts.'

– Marianne Williamson: Spiritual author and speaker


is a fine line between taking steps to ensure your safety and living in a state
of fear.


as there is a fine line between transforming your life by accepting the truth –
and ignoring the truth and creating more suffering.


can be uncomfortable. That discomfort comes from ignorance. Yet, if you don't
ignore truth, it will uplift you and enable you to take positive action. Then
truth is truly an inspiration. The road to Love is paved by Truth. That is why
the Truth shall set you free.


it amazing then, that the words TRUTH and LOVE both resonate to the number 21
in the ancient Chaldean system.


21 means
Victory after a long struggle, after many tests of determination. 21 is a
highly fortunate number.


in Ancient Egyptian numerology, the number 21 symbolizes ‘The Truth Shall Set
You Free.' Everyone born on the 21st, in 1921 or in 1963 has this
number active in their life.


us to walk through the gateway of Truth, we must keep the balance. That is why
2011 is such an important year. The 11 is the visible gateway we walk through
into the unknown.


is on the other side – Truth, Freedom and Love.


In order to digest the information
coming out of Japan, you must do what you can to keep balanced. Do whatever you
need to do – and that means, get active. Be creative.


Whether you know someone in Japan
or not, you may be affected by the nuclear disaster which is unfolding there
right now. I have a family member who is currently trying to leave the country.
The winds are changing direction, and radiation is the biggest concern right


On Sunday I wrote about the
numbers that were activated the day of the earthquake and tsunami. 


It occurred on 3.11.2011,
activating a Double 11.


11 paints a literal division or
fissure of an earthquake fault. 11 represents electrical energy – the very
energy generated by nuclear power.


As we saw with the words ‘Truth'
and ‘Love', the meaning behind words and names is expressed in the numbers that
they add up to. 


‘NUCLEAR' adds up to 29/11 in the
Pythagorean system, and 25/7 in the Chaldean system.


7 and 11 were active on the day of
the earthquake and tsunami.


Since numbers are strengthened
when they are triggered by current events with the same number, it must be
noted again that:


March is a 7 Universal Month.


The name ‘Japan' is a 16/7 name.


We are also in a 4 Universal Year.
4 is the number of planet Earth.


Japan is an island that sits on
top of 4 tectonic plates.


With these three numbers 4, 7 and
11 ALL active this month – including an emphasis on the 11 on the day the
earthquake struck – we have not only a physical and emotional picture of the
current crisis, but are also given a spiritual SOLUTION.


Every problem comes with a
solution. It is the natural law of Balance.


11 asks you to walk through the
gateway of truth without ignorance and fear in order to accept the tremendous
wisdom within you. Double creativity and intuition are heightened for you all
year long to keep you in Balance.


7, the number for March this year,
is prompting you to look within for answers, sometimes at a moments notice. The
7 is a lightning rod of inspiration and wisdom.


4 asks you to ACT. You must
manifest your intuitive insights, so that you can ground yourself in this
physical reality. 4 is the number of planet Earth. It symbolizes a square.


Look at the foundation of life –
DNA. It is made up of 4 nucleotides. I will be teaching about the significance
of DNA and how it impacts your life at my ‘Prosperity Power' Seminar in April.
This information in itself will be life transforming.


Trust yourself and ACT on the
truth as you discover it from moment to moment.


Balance your life with laughter
and love. Get creative about it, when you need to.


Without happiness, living turns
into surviving.


With truth and love, your life has
the most beautiful meaning – and you remain balanced and happy even in the most
trying times.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S.  April's ‘Prosperity Power' Seminar is filling up fast. My
special guest, hand analyst Baeth Davis and I are planning an incredibly
empowering event for you. This seminar will never be repeated again.

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