Yesterday I hiked with Claire and Clay to a beautiful spot a few minutes from home.

Before we left I had read an article about actor Michael J. Fox. I've always liked Michael. So it was great to hear his Parkinson's symptoms have been dramatically reduced. Supposedly his doctors have found a recipe of medications so successful that Fox is returning to acting.

Not for a guest appearance. But full time.

Fox is getting a recurring role on a show called ‘Rescue Me.' He will start shooting next spring.  Plus he's doing several guest spots on another television show at the same time. Means he must be feeling good. I was thrilled to hear the good news.

Naturally, I was curious about his 2009 Personal Year. That's when this new phase of his life gets rolling.

So first I checked his Personal Numbers. Turns out, Fox has a fascinating blueprint.

Michael J. Fox is creative and loves an audience, plus he's a compassionate human being who wants to make a difference. Fox's humor and spark is reflected in his 32/5 Life Purpose. His humanitarian and parental bent are apparent in his 9 Day of Birth, 6 Essence and 27/9 Soul.

And then there are his two 8s.

Fox has an 8 Destiny and an 8 Personality. A prominent 8 or double 8 often you'll be faced with obstacles during part of your life. The good news is, if there's any number that can overcome challenges, it's the 8. 8 imbues power, justice and great stamina.

Many athletes have this ‘infinity number' in their blueprint. Like Michael Jordan, who also has an 8 Destiny.

Since the 8 is so important in Michael J. Fox's blueprint, it follows that when he's in an 8 current cycle – Personal Year, Month and even Day – the events in his life will be magnified.

And, as it happens, his 8 Personal Years were all turning points.

For example, 1991 was a 35/8 Personal Year for Fox. This is the year he was diagnosed with Parkinson's.

As a reminder, 8 is also considered a number of ‘fate and destiny.' So having a prominent 8 – or 4 – in your Personal Numerology Blueprint will attract events and people who also have 4s and 8s into your life. These people and events will usually seem fated and destined.

Take Michael J. Fox's wife Tracy Pollan. She is born on the 22nd, a 4 Day and has a 26/8 Life Purpose. 8s and 4s are magnetically attracted to each other. And when a current cycle comes around, life can feel especially dramatic.

Going back to Michael's cycles, he retired from his greatest passion, acting, in the year 2000 – a full 9 years after his diagnosis. He was in a 8 Personal Year again.

Amazingly, next year Michael returns to acting and the TV screen full time again. And yes, 2009 is an 8 Personal Year for Fox.

When you consider Michael's Destiny and Personality Numbers are both 8, these cycles make complete sense. He has gone through two complete 9-year periods triggered by major events every time he was in his 8 Personal Year. Now he's about to experienced a third transformation.

His two 8s give him the opportunity to dig deep and come out on top. Now we'll have a chance to see him in action again.

Look at what his Personal Month Number is next April, the month his show begins to air. A 30/3. How fitting. 3 is the number of joy and self expression – as in acting and being out in front of the public.

Just as with Michael J. Fox, Your Personal Year and Month Numbers are shaping your destiny right now.

Find out when your major numbers are being triggered during the next 12 months. See how you can take advantage of all your current cycles.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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