47 years ago today, President John
F. Kennedy was assassinated.


In my book ‘The Unrevealed Secrets
of Political Success: How Names and Dates Shape United States History' I wrote
about the Kennedy family.


Some families have particular
numbers running throughout all generations – and the spouses that join the
family. This is akin to a numerological DNA code. For the Kennedys, three of
those numbers were 4, 8 and 11.


Kennedy's Life Purpose Number was


The current name abbreviation for ‘JFK'
is an 11.


He died in the 11th


November, 1963 was an 11 Personal
Month for him.


The name ‘John F. Kennedy' carries
the 26/8 frequency.


He was born in 1917, the 17th
year of the century. 17/8 is the Immortality number signifying leaving a legacy


He was the 35th
President of the United States.


At the time of his death, JFK was
in a 35/8 Personal Year.


He died on the 22nd, a
4 Universal Day.


Notice how many numbers listed are
either 11 or 8. Turn the 8 on its side and you have the Infinity symbol. Both
the 11 and 8 explain a lot about President Kennedy's immense power, magnetism
and lasting legacy – as well as his trials and tribulations.


8 is all about overcoming
obstacles to gather strength and lead others by example.


When 8s show up in a person's
blueprint and in their life like they did with Kennedy, it also means there are
many ‘fateful' and ‘destined' events. This goes for the number 4 as well. In
fact, both 4 and 8 are magnetically attracted to each other.


The date of his death is significant
in other ways. 11.22. 1963 is a secret code. 1963 adds up to 19/10/1. So the
code breaks down to –


11. 22. 19/10/1


11 represents a major gateway into
the unknown.

22 symbolizes manifesting,
grounding and implementing your thoughts into reality.

19/10/1 was called by the ancient
Chaldeans – the Prince of Heaven.


Notice the numbers 0-1-2 and 9. Number
9 signifies endings and completion.


The codes in that date were a
trigger. What this means is, the feeling generated by those who were old enough
in 1963 – a moment that changed the U.S. forever – is being regenerated at this


This is because the 0-1-2 code is
active in 2010, 2011 and 2012.


Today is the 47th
anniversary – an 11. Double New Beginnings into the gateway of Truth. And a
sign that what began 47 years ago is being reinforced now.


Today is 11.22.2010  = 9  


Completion on a 9 Universal Day. So
all original frequencies are activated on today's anniversary.


There are many connections to be
made. I revealed many of these mysteries during my October ‘Scan Your Life'


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with incredibly powerful and simple tools.


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how you can Scan Your Life – anyone's life. The Pre-Publication Special for
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Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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