Yesterday afternoon a friend called me from Australia. She asked me if I knew about the Grand Cross happening in the skies today.

I had heard about it a few weeks back, and asked her to elaborate. She said the planets Uranus, Saturn and Sun/Mars formed a cross with the full moon. This year's last and largest full moon happens on December 12, 2008, at 21ºGemini.

That's three 3s – the 12th of the 12th at 21º. 3 times 3 equals 9, the humanitarian number.

Today's full moon is larger than others. Due to its close proximity to Earth, the Moon is up to 30% brighter than lesser full Moons we've seen earlier in 2008.

As for today's date – 12.12.2008 – it adds up to 16/7, making it a memorable day. We'll experience the gamut – from feeling deeply spiritual to the possibility of sudden events.

The 12.12 also ties into 2012. A sense of anticipation hangs in the air – related to the economy, Barack Obama's impending Presidency and the strong sense that the world as we knew it is changing rapidly.

12 is a very significant number indicating knowledge and wisdom.

We have 12 hours in a clock, 12 months, 12 grades in school, the 12 apostles, Jacob's 12 sons who created the 12 tribes of Israel, 12 days of Christmas, 12-step programs, a dozen, 12 signs in the Zodiac, the Chinese 12 year cycles, 12 musical notes in an octave, 12 ribs in the body, 12 people in a U.S. jury, 12 inches in a foot.

You can divide 12 six times using numbers 1,2,3,4 and 6.

2008 is the first year in the first 9-year cycle of the new millennium. Everything feels new – and that can mean uncertainty. Take time for yourself today and throughout December. There are many changes to digest and new directions to rest up for.

As for today, you may feel more emotional. The two 12s reduce to 3 and together, they add up to 6 – both numbers of deep feeling. Since 12 represents learning and awakening, meditate, breathe deeply, and walk.

We got our Christmas Tree yesterday and will be decorating this weekend. Chances are you've been busy preparing for the holidays too.

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Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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