week news broke about Jaycee Lee Dugard's abduction 18 years ago and her reunion
with her family on Thursday.


Jaycee's personal numbers give fascinating
insight into her tragic story.


In 1991 little Jaycee was kidnapped by Phillip
Garrido while walking to her school bus stop. She was 11 years old.


She was found in 2009 as a 29 year-old. Notice
11 and 29 both reduce to 11/2. Additionally, 1991 and 2009 reduce to 2. These
numbers are about relationship and division.


Jaycee's name reveals even more.


‘Jaycee Lee Dugard' has a challenging 13/4
current name. It can indicate sudden, unforeseen events. Since all the digits
of her birthday add up to 26/8 – her Life Purpose Number – Jaycee's 13/4
current name creates even more difficulties for her. This is because combining
a 4 or 8 current name with a major 4 or 8 in your birth blueprint attracts
fateful events and people into your life.


So it goes with Phillip Garrido and his
complicit wife Nancy.


All the info I have for these two are their
current names. Even so, a stunning connection to Jaycee Lee Dugard is revealed.


Her kidnapper ‘Phillip Garrido' ALSO has a 13/4
current name number.


13/4 is a number of upheaval so
that new ground can be broken. It is associated with power, which may not be
used for selfish reasons – otherwise it will bring destruction.
With this number there
is a warning of the unknown and unexpected. Impulsive, sudden action is common.


This is why I don't recommend a 13/4 current
name number for my clients.


Jaycee's personal cycles shed more light. She
was kidnapped on June 10, 1991. It was a 35/8 Personal Day for her. She was
found on August 26, 2009. Amazingly this date is ALSO a 35/8 Personal Day for


Aside form activating the fateful 4 and 8
connection, the 35/8 also ties her directly to Nancy Garrido, whose current
name adds up to 35/8.


Finally, what caught my attention right away is
the 18 year cycle that Jaycee spent in the Dugards' back yard. 18 reduces to 9
and shows that she experienced two complete 9-year cycles while in captivity.


She was kidnapped during a 1 Personal Year for
her and released last week at the beginning at a new 9 year cycle. Jaycee just
began a 19/10/1 Personal Year and is in a 27/9 Personal Month this August. The
9 indicates endings and the 1 year a whole new 9-year cycle. She ended her
captivity and is beginning a new life.


Furthermore, 19 and 27 in combination are highly
fortunate, so Jaycee was able to release herself far more easily during this


In September she will be experiencing a 28/10/1
Personal Month, mirroring EXACTLY the 2810/1 Personal Year she was in 1991. So
the memories of that year will be flooding back, most likely because she will
be sharing her story in detail.


Speaking of September 2009, I will be revealing important
information about this upcoming month



Warmest Regards,


Tania Gabrielle


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