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Governor Rod Blagojevich was impeached this morning by the Illinois House of Representatives. Wow, when I looked at his cycles today, I was literally floored.

January 9 2009, ties into so many important numbers in Blago's Blueprint. His current cycles and their effect on him are very telling.

He's in a 16/7 Personal Month right now. 16 can indicate a person with a crown on his head falling from a high place. Well Blago certainly is wearing the crown for Illinois. And he's in a free-fall.

What makes today even more potent for the embattled governor that he's having a 25/7 Personal Day too.

Why is this relevant. Both 25 and 16 share the same root number 7. A double whammy. Amazingly, Blago's Life Purpose is ALSO 25/7. Plus his current name ‘Rod R. Blagojevich' adds up to 52/7. And he just celebrated his 52nd birthday last month.

So essentially his whole life and his name are completely connected to his ‘fall from a high place.'

Blago's other important cycle which began in January is his 15/6 Personal Year. It shows he may have a radical change of lifestyle this year. Like Britney Spears did in her 15/6 Personal Year in 2008 when her dad took over her life.

Your personal cycles reveal three things. They show you upcoming and current trends and help you adjust and take advantage of opportunities.

Secondly, they accentuate decisions and actions leading up to this point. In Blago's case those bad decisions are causing challenges now. In another person this same cycle may express itself much more quietly.

Thirdly they activate the numbers in your Personal Numerology Blueprint.

A client I counseled this morning has her entire blueprint lit up this whole year. That's because her main numbers are all located in the 3-6-9 trilogy. So it's a huge opportunity for her to accomplish her highest goals. And since 3-6-9 are the emotional numbers, she can overcome any emotional blocks still latent from way back when.

Your current cycles reveal what's up right now. They help you find the strength and the resources to fulfill your destiny.

Once you know what your personal cycles are, you can ‘tip' your life in the right direction.

Check your personal cycles in your 2009 Blueprint

 Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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