david carradine.jpgThis morning the sad news broke of David Carradine's sudden death in a hotel in Bangkok Thailand.

It's not clear what happened, though most likely it wasn't due to natural causes. Amazingly his name and numbers reflect this as well.

In a moment I'll share the stunning numbers that were active for him yesterday, and why his name played such a big role.

David Carradine was born on the 8th, his Destiny is 98/17/8 and his Soul is an 8. This Triple 8 gave him a lot of power. No wonder he portrayed strong leaders – Carradine is best known for his work in the 1970's television series Kung Fu and more recently in the movie Kill Bill.

As for how this man with so many 8s ended up in show business, you only have to look as far as his Life Purpose Number, 30/3. Anyone with a major 3 has to express himself on some kind of stage – as an actor, author, performer, speaker, teacher or healer.

Fittingly, Carradine was a sculptor and painter before branching out into acting. This in itself brings up an interesting point.

After 25 years I have found that people with a 30/3 Life Purpose often blossom later rather than early in life. In fact, they are more afraid of ‘being on stage' than most – but once they crack open that door, they feel like they have finally ‘come home.'

Back to Carradine's numbers – they are so relevant as to what happened yesterday.

Just look at how Carradine's personal cycles lined up with his birth numbers.

David Carradine died on June 3, tying directly into his 3 Life Purpose.

2009 was a 22/4 Personal Year for David Carradine. Yesterday he was experiencing a 31/4 Personal Day. Why is this Double 4 activation so important.

First, the 4 is magnetically attracted to the number 8. There's a fateful and destined connection between these two numbers that no other numbers have.

Remember Carradine has the Triple 8 in his birth blueprint, including his Destiny and Day of Birth. This makes the double 4 he experienced on the day of his death very significant.

Here is the most important piece of the equation.

The name ‘David Carradine' adds up to 13/4, a very challenging current name number. The number 13 signifies genius as well as a warning of the unknown and the unexpected.

13/4 current names are connected with power, breaking the orthodox and upheaval.

I don't recommend 13/4 names to any of my clients.

In Carradine's case especially I would never have recommended it. That's because he had the triple 8 in his Personal Numerology Blueprint. The triple 8 is an amazing quality to have and gave him a lot of drive, stamina and power. But adding a 13/4 current name number to the mix must have caused him some real challenges.

And yes, Yesterday Carradine's 4 Personal Year and 31/4 Personal Day activated his 13/4 name dramatically and fatefully.

I also noticed that the month of June 2009 for David Carradine was a 1 Personal Month – so he was in a transition phase already. A 1 cycle indicates the ending of the past and the beginning of a new cycle.

Do all these numbers mean he had to die? Absolutely not. If he had been aware of what I'm sharing with you now, he at the very least would have been prepared.

May David Carradine rest in Peace.

Peace of mind, love and abundance are the keys to a happy, fulfilled life. Your current name plays a big role in creating the life you want. There's no reason for you to feel weakened by your name and EVERY reason to feel supported and invigorated by a fortunate vibration.

Did you know the name you use right now ACTIVATES the numbers you were born with in a certain way? It provides the flavor to your life's recipe – bitter or sweet – it's your choice.

So be SURE your name is supporting your Life Purpose and Destiny, your goals and your dreams.

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Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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